Exploring Forgiveness As A Divine Attribute

Forgiveness is as simple as you allow it to be.

In my youth, I considered any negative energy from others as a cause for vengeance and justice. I believed that bad attitudes, swearing, or aggressive behavior deserved some form of retribution.

That’s how I used to think back then…

Looking back and as my interest in spiritual values grew, I realized that my strong sense of justice was primarily influenced by my father’s strict behavior during my early years.

When I first got into Reiki, my teacher wasn’t much different from my father. His orderliness made me question my choices, but I decided to pursue what my intuition was telling me.

What set him apart was his ability to adapt his behavior to each student, bringing out their imbalances and helping them understand spiritual values.

He was extremely patient and compassionate with some students while pushing others to confront their inner battle.

And then it hit me…

My Reiki teacher acted as a mirror, reflecting the qualities and weaknesses that reside deep within the inner self of each individual. Despite this “squeezing” strategy contrasting with his compassion, some students resented his behavior and quit.

They failed to grasp that his teaching method had a clear purpose – to help us understand that our reactions to life’s situations determine whether we suffer or experience spiritual growth.

In his words:

“The world is like a tree. It’s how you approach it that determines the quality and outcome of your interactions!”

It took me a while to acquire this understanding, and I was very close to leaving his class myself.

But there was something about his words that deeply resonated with my desire to escape my status quo and advance in this physical life through spiritual knowledge.

That’s when I witnessed a shift in his attitude from merely “testing us” to actually teaching us.

Those who passed the presented challenges were the ones who truly benefitted, learning the divine values of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness – the three pillars of spirituality.

He explained that we could only transcend our ego and attain enlightenment through these values.

Forgiveness stood out as the most crucial yet challenging to embody.

It distinguished those who made progress on their spiritual journey from those who did not.

To fully embrace and manifest forgiveness, one must pass through three stages:

1 – Offering forgiveness to others.

This means recognizing that nothing happens without purpose or causality. Whatever perceived “wrongdoings” we receive from others are effects of our past or present lives. Even if they aren’t directly related, our resonance plays a massive role in manifesting events, people, and situations in our current life. Holding onto grudges, resentment, or animosity only drains our soul’s essence and vital energy through the energetic strings we create. These strings, woven by our thoughts and emotions, hinder our evolution and deplete our divine essence.

2 – Offering forgiveness to ourselves.

This step represents the most significant aspect of forgiveness integration. Forgiving ourselves may seem challenging, but paradoxically, it becomes easier when we are in tune with our inner selves. As we come to know ourselves, we understand how we function and accept who we are. This doesn’t mean we lack room for growth and change. On the contrary, offering forgiveness to ourselves opens doors to new opportunities for becoming better human beings.

3 – Understanding forgiveness as a spiritual concept.

Forgiveness breaks the chains of negative karma and severs the etheric cords that hinder our spiritual growth. Moreover, forgiveness is a divine healing attribute awarded by spiritually evolved beings. Authentic forgiveness frees us from the negative energy accumulated through the actions of others and allows the universal life force energy to flow abundantly through our being. In essence, forgiveness signifies progress and evolution.

It’s essential to understand that “forgiveness” and “forgetting” go hand in hand. “Forgetting” means that when we remember a situation that impacted us, we let go of any lingering resentment.

If certain memories or individuals still evoke strong emotions within us, it indicates that there are unresolved issues that require healing and attention.

Initially, all of this may seem challenging to comprehend. Still, it is crucial not to feel anxious or disappointed but to give it time. Forgiveness is part of our spiritual evolution, and it can certainly become a wonderful skill to have once you practice it with patience and self-compassion.

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