How Reiki And Magic Can Work Together For Your Spiritual Growth

Magic usually has negative connotations.

It’s associated with supernatural powers and the ability to achieve a certain outcome.

But sometimes, Reiki and magic come together in the same context.

Even so, one is associated with good while the other is often thought of as evil.

Truth be told, magic incorporates a vast array of methods that channel different manifestations of the universal life force energy.

In fact, if you were to set these two spiritual concepts side by side, you might be surprised to find that they have more in common than you think.

Both Reiki and magic are based on the same principle: the use of life force energy to achieve a desired outcome.

The main difference is that magic often uses visualization and affirmations to direct the flow of energy, while Reiki relies on specific hand placements and light touch to channel energy.

Another key difference is that magic often requires the use of symbols and rituals. At the same time, Reiki is a more hands-on approach that doesn’t need any props or special equipment.

Why It’s Possible To Blend Magic With Reiki

At their core, magic and Reiki have a lot of similarities:

  • Intention;
  • Visualization;
  • Energy transfer;

These are the key elements that bring both practices together.

Reiki may seem more straightforward at first. Still, bear in mind that it has its “mystical” components like the attunements, Reiki healing circles, or the invocation of Reiki spirit guides.

On the other hand, the practice of magic has a more “technical” and, therefore, complex approach to manifesting the same methods.

It requires physical elements like candles and books, as well as the energetic ability to invoke, visualize, and guide certain energies.

The Expansion Of Reiki Through Magic

This stage is all about exploring another side of Reiki through the use of magic.

The process involves:

  • Going beyond your hectic everyday life to see the inner spiritual beauty that is undetectable by looking only at your immediate surroundings. This implies accepting Reiki as more than a way to relax but rather a catalyst for spiritual growth;
  • Understanding the deeper physical and energetic processes that make possible the perfect alignment of the universal life force energy flow. Some examples may include: using the Reiki symbols and methods that are usually not part of traditional manuals;
  • Integrating the necessary spiritual lessons and manifest them in your daily life. This will enable you to become a harmonious energy channel and thrive at a physical and spiritual level;

Therefore, whenever you associate Reiki with magic, you’ll actually be referring to the elements that live outside the traditional approach.

Reiki Is All About Being Flexible

Reiki is a spiritual practice, not a technical science.

It’s not bound to exist within certain limits.

Even if “Rei” and “Ki” are commonly translated to “universal” and “energy” respectively, their true meanings are much more vast and open to exploration.

Reiki and magic can coexist as long as you, the practitioner, clearly understand their purpose and ethically use them.

This may undoubtedly look like an unconventional approach to some.

Still, blending the two can be pretty effective.

Just remember that the goal is to use these practices for personal growth and not to control or manipulate others.


Of course…

Always master the basics of Reiki before engaging in complex spiritual practices!