Explore 3 Reiki Symbols Outside Of Traditional Practices

Each Reiki system usually has unique symbols you can access once you receive the attunement for the corresponding level.

While this is the optimum path to benefiting from their full potential, you can still tap into their energy to some extent by simply having the Usui level 2 attunement.

But apart from the Reiki symbols we all know of, there are others that belong to no standard system.

These are Johrei, Hosanna, and Len So My.

Of course, there could be others, but these are the three I know of and have used throughout the years.

They complement the practice by expanding your access to different manifestations of the universal life force energy and don’t require a specific attunement to connect to them.


Why Would You Consider Using These Symbols

Reiki symbols usually have specific uses.

And while the 3 mentioned above bring about the same benefits, we should perceive them as spiritual concepts rather than sacred tools.

This doesn’t mean they are special in any way or more powerful. Like I always like to say, they simply offer the opportunity to bring a different manifestation of the life force energy into the physical plane.

For example:

• Johrei promotes the idea that imbalances emerge in the spiritual plane before we perceive them. Therefore, you may use it to first cleanse your soul before engaging in other techniques.

• Hosanna has two mirrored versions. The first is a general cleansing method that balances the Yin and Yang energies, while the second can help with health-related problems. For best results with Hosanna, you can call upon the divine support of Archangel Michael and Count of St Germain.

• Len So My is all about unconditional love. It’s ideal for anyone who feels lost or even alone in a relationship or wants to dissolve the blockages that prevent romantic encounters.

How To Connect To These Symbols

As mentioned earlier, there’s no special attunement required to benefit from the energy of these symbols.

Exposing yourself to their energy is often enough to integrate it within your structures so you can use it in self-treatment.

You can do so by printing and hanging them on a wall or meditating on either symbol occasionally.

For a more intentional connection, here are 3 methods to consider:

Method #1

Activate your palms with the Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Use the same sequence of Reiki symbols to open an energetic gateway in front of you. Declare your clear intention of connecting to the desired symbol.

Visualize as the energy of the symbol merges with your subtle bodies and integrates itself into your energetic structures.

This is the quickest process I know of for creating a solid connection with that symbol. (repeat twice a week)

Method #2

Visualize the desired symbol through meditation. Allow it to move freely and change in size or opacity level, but consciously guide it toward your subtle bodies.

Then, you can start activating the symbol as you would with any other to further integrate its energy into your energetic structure.

Method #3

This 3rd method might take longer than the previous two, but it’s a more practical way of tapping into their energy.

Therefore, start by activating the symbol of choice in your palms and crown chakra before self-treatment. Usually, you’d want to focus on whatever outcome that particular symbol is able to guide you toward. Then, consider adding Cho Ku Rei to complement its effect.

Of course, you can use all three methods individually or combined. Experiment and see what works best for you.

As a side note, some people already have a strong energy flow and can easily access healing symbols. In contrast, others need more time to integrate them.