Integrating Archangel Michael In Your Reiki Practice

I remember this one time when I stepped into a room and instantly felt the thick air washing over me.

It was as if this unseen tension captured my body, blurred my thinking, and diminished my ability to react.

I was still aware that a quick yet effective solution to protect my energy would greatly help.

But as my mind was racing.

I was stuck.

And I couldn’t find the right combination of ​Reiki symbols​ or techniques to get me out of that state.

Whether you pick up on other people’s leftover energies, get hit with the so-called “evil eye,” or expose yourself to low-vibrational spaces, malevolent influences are real, whether you acknowledge them or not.

Sometimes, you even deliberately enter the “wolf’s den” to achieve certain goals.

Life calls for unwanted scenarios as well as unpleasant situations at times.

That’s why having multiple ways of protecting yourself energetically, is always a good idea.

While Reiki has its methods…

Mastering symbols, procedures, and visualization techniques requires discipline and patience.

The good news is that the attunements you have bring about 3 innate benefits that you can take advantage of for energetic shielding:

  1. The abundant flow of universal energy;
  2. The versatility of Reiki – you can easily blend any Reiki system with other visualization or meditation techniques;
  3. The enhanced connection to higher-vibrational beings such as spirit guides, angels, and even archangels;

This makes Reiki an effective tool for cleansing, growth, and protection, as well as a stepping stone in using your energetic potential to tap into other manifestations of the universal life force energy.

One such example is calling upon Archangel Michael’s column of light.

This is an ideal spiritual tool you can use for quick and effective results, without overthinking.

Archangel Michael’s Column Of Light

Due to its high vibration, this is usually learned in the Shamballa Reiki system. Still, if you are level 3 ​Usui Reiki​, you can use it. That’s because level 3 offers the necessary vibrational access to manifest this specific solid form of protection.

The column of light also has a cleansing role, removing some of the residual energies you are confronting at that moment. This means it has a beneficial effect on the chakras, cleansing them in the process while protecting your energy fields.

NOTE: You can condition the column of light to protect you for a designated time. However, it won’t last forever and will require re-activation after a few hours.

How To Activate Archangel Michael’s The Column Of Light


  • Find a quiet moment of the day;
  • Take a few deep breaths and relax so that your vital and universal life force energy flows better;
  • Raise your arms above your head and visualize the universal life force energy flow descending through your soul star and ​crown chakra​;


  • Invoke Archangel Michael’s column of light with the following prayer: “Archangel Michael, please offer me your column of light!” – Repeat three times;
  • You can also add: “May your column of light protect me for (designated time) and keep away unwanted influences!”


  • Remain still for about a minute, visualizing the column of light descending and engulfing your physical and energetic body;
  • There’s a good chance that you’ll begin to feel a warmth around your body;
  • Keep in mind that your interaction with others may be slightly weaker than before, due to the column’s energy;


Although there are many protective methods, none of them can guarantee absolute safety at all times.

That’s why having a healthy mindset and a high vibration is recommended.

Avoid exposing yourself to physical, emotional, or energetic harm to repel unwanted energies through a general state of well-being.

Archangel Michael’s Column of Light can prove a very important ally in personal shielding.

And… You can always use it to protect others as well, with their consent, of course.

Experiment with this method to develop your unique way of energetic shielding.

Always have good intentions and never abuse your spiritual knowledge.

Remember that this manifestation of the universal energy doesn’t belong to you but to one of the greatest celestial beings.

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