Can You Tap Into The Energy Of Reiki Symbols Without Their Corresponding Attunement

Over the years, my Reiki journey has allowed me to engage with many students, practitioners, and instructors with varied experience levels.

While each has unique callings, they all seek a deeper understanding and connection with the universal energies.

A central point for this spiritual growth is the use of Reiki symbols.

That’s because these spiritual tokens represent tangible gateways to the vast, intangible energies that aim to help the practitioner channel the universal light more directly and mold their efforts on specific outcomes.

Here’s a personal story:

A long time ago, one of my first Reiki teachers introduced me to two symbols that were absent from traditional teachings and online resources.

At first, I was skeptical, wondering if these symbols held any genuine power or significance.

But, as I began to meditate and work with them, their energies unfurled in profound ways, offering insights and healing that I hadn’t anticipated.

They became a testament to the idea that Reiki is not just about mainstream knowledge but also personal revelations and the wisdom passed down through intimate mentorships.

Today, I cherish these symbols, reminding me of the deeper, uncharted territories of Reiki that await exploration.

These Reiki symbols are: Shika Sei Ki and Shika So.

But what happens when your current Reiki knowledge “limits” your access to certain symbols?

Are higher-vibrational systems the way to go?

Or can you tap into the specific properties of certain Reiki symbols without their corresponding attunement?

The answer is nuanced, and it involves neither a hard NO nor a definitive YES!

How Reiki Attunements Enable Practitioners To Tap Into A Symbol’s Full Potential

Reiki attunements open you up to the vibration of a specific level or system and, therefore, the attributed symbols.

This natural progression should not be rushed or believed to be the key that unlocks all your questions.

You can go a long way just by applying Usui level 1.

Still, you can also choose to advance, once you feel you’ve mastered the basics.

There’s no ideal path, just the one that works for you.

When it comes to uncovering symbols, the secret lies in 3 key elements:

  • What it looks like – have a clear, mental image of the symbol, even if you don’t memorize each line;
  • What it does – grasp its purpose and meaning to know when you should consider using it;
  • How to apply it – this leads to the 3rd step, which is differentiating between the unique characteristics of each symbol to better align its properties with your goals;

As you start practicing and working with a symbol, you begin blending with its energy and knowledge.

The more you use it, the more it becomes part of who you are.


Nobody stops you from experimenting with a symbol you might be interested in.

Yet, you can do more…

How To Integrate Any Symbol Without An Attunement

To make the most out of your interaction with Reiki symbols, you must have at least Usui level 2. If not, it means you’re not really interested in using them, or you’re not at that stage yet.

And that’s OK!

Still, through Usui level 2, you open yourself up energetically to the opportunity of interacting, integrating, and eventually manifesting the power of sacred symbols.

Here’s how it goes…

  • Connect to the symbol: Activate Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen on your palms. Do the same in front of you, intending to connect with the symbol’s energy. Send energy to the symbol for about 10 minutes daily until you sense a strong bond forming;
  • Meditation: Find a quiet moment, sit with your back straight, palms facing up on your lap. Close your eyes, take calming breaths, and visualize the symbols in front of you. Imagine their energy enveloping your energy fields and chakras, blending into your very being;
  • Draw, print, or expose yourself to the symbol: This “physical” interaction helps you easily connect with the chosen symbol. Visualize its energy merging with your own each day and even channel energy toward it as described above;

Keep in mind that both intuition and practice play a crucial role in this process. That’s why you should take your time to meditate, see which symbols resonate with you most, and dive deeper when the signs are clear.

Treat them with respect, and keep an ethical practice!

What Benefits Can You Expect

  • You’ll tap into the symbol’s energy and wisdom to some extent, harnessing its healing properties and using it for your own health benefits;
  • Your potential to access higher consciousness levels increases due to their pure, transformative energy. Therefore, Reiki symbols will then become tokens of spiritual growth;
  • The Reiki symbols that sit next to you will spread their energy and fill the surroundings with their unique manifestations of universal light;

What It Means Not To Be Attunened To A Symbol

Not having the corresponding attunement doesn’t limit you that much. As long as you have the Usui Reiki level 2 attunement you can explore the Reiki symbol that resonates with you.

Still, while you can indeed connect with a symbol’s energy, the attunement deepens and refines that connection.

Think of it as having a basic understanding of a foreign language versus being fluent. While the basic understanding allows you to communicate to an extent, fluency lets you truly immerse in the depth, nuances, and beauty of the language.

In the same way, while unattuned exploration offers a glimpse into the symbol’s power, attunement ensures you harness its full potential, grounding you more solidly in its energy and purpose.

As always, your Reiki journey is unique, so follow the path that resonates most with your spiritual aspirations and respect the sacredness of each step along the way.