How To Develop A Healthy Approach To Manifestation

There are many benefits to practicing Reiki.

It can help you heal imbalances, guide you on your spiritual path, and connect with your higher self.

Reiki supports your potential to attract beneficial opportunities into your life and manifest your goals.

While everything may sound like a fairytale, it takes dedication to make progress.

And… sometimes, dreams don’t come true.

It’s when your confidence levels drop, and you begin to doubt your ability to find results. This can lead to blaming Reiki for wasting your time and even quitting the practice altogether.

And it’s a shame because it’s usually a matter of misinterpretation rather than a functional problem.

What Is Manifestation

Manifestation is the action of bringing something from the spiritual plane into the physical one. You do this using a clear intention and focus. The better you can visualize and believe in what you’re trying to manifest, the more likely it will occur.

But this is where things usually go sideways.

You either experience a fraction of what you envisioned or none at all.

The truth is that you’re not failing at manifestation. You just need to understand how it works and what’s necessary to make it happen.

We’re the ones who usually raise obstacles, not the other way around.

We also tend to visualize everything in the future instead of the present time, as if it’s already happening.

But the reason that weights most heavily is related to our karmic and dharmic debts. These are “responsibilities” that we’ve incurred in our past lives and have to balance in this one.

• Karma results from our actions, both good and bad.

• At the same time, dharma is our personal duty to integrate spiritual values into this life. Dharma can be seen as our higher self or the universe’s guiding hand. It’s what keeps us on track and helps us fulfill our destiny.

When you become aware of these two elements, it’s easier to accept that some things are not meant to manifest as we imagined.

You also begin to heal the past and present residual energies that you have created to gradually free yourself by dissolving spiritual blockages.

Reiki is excellent way to balance part of these “debts.” You can do so through the Reiki self-treatment, attunements, and treatment on others.

This will allow you to focus on your goals more clearly and confidently. It’s also a way to smoothen the manifestation process.

Even so, keep in mind that not all the things you may want to manifest are beneficial for the present moment. This divine timing works for your highest good and not to limit your potential.

One of my Reiki Masters taught me a very valuable lesson.

One day, he was walking his dog through the nearby park when he ran into an old friend. They chatted for a while, and at some point, his dog saw something and escaped from its leash in a fraction of a second.

Being close to the exit, the dog quickly ended up in the street. Luckily, nothing happened, and they managed to bring it back safely.

But the moral stands, he said: “A leash can sometimes prevent us from harming ourselves.” – that’s why it’s healthier to be grateful for what you have and try to evolve instead of escaping your current reality.

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We’re often unable to see in perspective. As a result, we believe some things will make us happy when they only create more suffering in reality.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any effort into manifesting your goals. But asking the right questions and allowing yourself to be guided instead of forcing an outcome is the key to success.

How To Use Reiki For Manifestation

Reiki is a powerful manifestation tool. It helps you connect with your higher self and the universe’s energy to dissolve spiritual blockages, increase your vibrational frequency, and heal your chakras.

You may channel the universal life force energy to anything you desire.

Remember that Reiki is not a way to manipulate. Its true power lies in its ability to guide you. That’s why it’s best to add “for my greater good and the people involved” when you declare your intention.

There 3 primary elements you can use for manifestation:

  1. Affirmations;
  2. Visualization through meditations;
  3. Daily exposing yourself to a vision board;

You can use one or all of these methods. It depends on what works better for you and the situation you’re currently in.

When and if you decide to enhance any of the above with Reiki, here’s what you can do:

  • Send energy into the future for your goals;
  • Create a Reiki project. This involves putting down the future state you want to be in on paper as if it’s already happening. Use the present time with positive affirmations;
  • Ask your Reiki spirit guides to help guide you in this process. They will always find the optimum solution;

The key element here is the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki symbol, which connects time, space, and dimension.

I consider Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen a blend of multiple spiritual concepts rather than a simple symbol. It will link you to your higher self, guardian angels, and any other spirit guide you have access to.

In conjunction with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki, it opens a spiritual gateway that will allow you to channel energy through space and time. This sequence can enable you to help manifest future desires by cleansing past residual energies and supporting you in your current spiritual endeavors.


Manifestation involves a combination of energy and action. The former is the fuel that propels you towards your goals, while the latter is what gets you there.

Reiki can help by providing this extra boost through channeling universal life force energy. In addition, by using its symbols and hand positions, you enhance your vibrational frequency, which makes it easier to attract what’s best for you.

Reiki is not a magic wand but a powerful tool that can support you in this journey.

Remember to focus on your intention, use positive and present statements, and be grateful for what you already have.

The ultimate goal is to create a rich experience down the road, whatever that might look like.