Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Guardian Angel

The concept of guardian angels is quite popular in many cultures around the world.

Some even see it as a very organized hierarchy of divine beings, with angels and archangels being prevalent.

A guardian angel is a high-vibrational, divine entity that co-exists next to you in this life.

Although your physical form is fleeting, the guardian angel will continue to help your spirit grow. It can also transition into another incarnated being.

The guardian angel is here to help you experience whatever is necessary to develop your optimum spiritual growth in this life.

Sometimes, the path we travel doesn’t resemble our ideal. Still, we learn lessons and understand concepts that are otherwise out of reach.

How Do You Receive A Guardian Angel

First off, keep in mind that a guardian angel doesn’t necessarily have to be an angel per se. Some people receive extensions of ascendant masters or archangels, while others have even higher spiritual beings as guardians.

It all depends on each person’s spiritual level at the time of birth.

That’s why guardian angels are also known as spiritual guides.

  • You receive a guardian angel at birth;
  • When you are baptized or initiated in the spiritual arts, you receive one or multiple high vibrational entities;
  • In Reiki, you receive several spirit guides, which are often angels;

Guardian angels will never disrupt your free will, nor will they act in any way should you choose not to communicate with them.

Angels are under the guardianship of higher beings, such as Archangels. In turn, archangels are also under the guardianship of superior divine beings and so on.

NOTE: You’ll always have a main guardian regardless of the number of spirit guides you receive during your lifetime.

The Importance Of Connecting To Your Guardian Angel

Learning how to connect with your guardian angel is vital for your awareness and spiritual evolution. It will help you make the correct decisions when facing unwanted obstacles.

Your guardian angel will “tell you” when you need to pay attention to yourself and when you tend to neglect certain aspects of your life.

This connection represents the link between you and your higher spiritual consciousness or higher self. It’s one of the key elements for healthy spiritual growth.

That’s why your intuition is strongly related to the quality of the relationship you have with your guardian angel. Their goal is to help you obtain what’s good for you, not what you consider beneficial.

How To Connect To Your Guardian Angel

These are my preferred 3 methods used throughout the years to establish a strong connection with my guardian angels. Whatever you choose, it’s recommended that you enter the alpha state first. It’s a way to empty your mind and relax to receive the messages more clearly.

Method #1 – Through Reiki

Regardless of the Reiki level, you are attuned to send energy to your guardian angel for its greater good.

  • Ask spiritually related questions or whatever concerns you about this life. You’ll likely discover information that you never knew existed;
  • Request wisdom and aid in a specific matter that you can’t seem to make progress with;
  • Call upon it to watch and guide you when you need help;
  • Send energy to your angel so it can help you improve your cleansing and protection process;
  • Try to listen to the message so you can choose what’s best for you moving forward;

Keep in mind that the universal life force energy flow is like a bridge between you and the divine beings.

Method #2 – Through meditation

  • Pick a quiet place and take some time for yourself;
  • Use incense and ambient music to transition into a meditative state;
  • Close your eyes and have a few deep breaths;
  • Use your clear intention and connect to your guardian angel while allowing it to appear in front of you;
  • Pay close attention to how it looks like and speaks;
  • Ask your questions, and if you are in a deeply relaxed state, its messages will become clear;

Don’t be disappointed if nothing “magical” happens the first time around. But, whatever the outcome, it’s a great way to receive information while enhancing your communication with your guide.

Remember that they are always eager to help you.

Method #3 – Have A Moment Of Silence

Being constantly distracted by modern entertainment, having a few moments of total silence is rare. Still, it’s a requirement to establish a healthy connection with your guardian angel.

The best place to do this is in nature because you’ll also benefit from that energy. Therefore, the whole experience will be enhanced.

Bottom Line

In the end, remember that your relationship with your guardian angel will only grow with time. The experience you have today will differ from how you’ll communicate 10 years down the road.

It’s a personal journey and a special connection. So cherish it and be thankful for each interaction.

NOTE: Don’t force your guardian angel to reveal its name. It will do so when you’re ready, and it’s advisable not to share it with others.