Cleanse, Protect, and Heal with the Cone of Light

Reiki has a variety of traditional and non-traditional ways to cleanse and cure the body’s energetic system.

There are some debates among Reiki practitioners and teachers about whether such approaches should be given the same significance as traditional ones.

Personally, I believe that everything must progress. In fact, the entire Universe accomplishes something new every day in one form or another.

As a result, certain components of spiritual exercises may be incorporated as long as they serve the greater good and maintain fundamental values.

That is, after all, what a less conventional method is supposed to do – assist the therapist in healing both mentally and emotionally for their greater good.

The surprising thing is that most of these non-traditional approaches are much easier to learn than conventional ones.

There’s one in particular that stands out for me. It’s called the “Cone of Light.”

The Cone Of Light

  • We can use this method on:
  • On ourselves or others;
  • Any living organism;
  • A room or a whole house;
  • A vehicle or any object valuable to you;

But how can we use the “Cone of Light” to help improve our Reiki practice?

  • First and foremost, you need to activate it. The process is the same whether you’re going to apply it to yourself, others, or a certain object;
  • Activate the following Reiki symbols sequence above your head: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo (if you are attuned to Reiki level 3). You may add other symbols as well;
  • Have a clear intention and visualize a cone of light with its tip above your head, where you activated the symbols. Let it engulf your energetic body in a mist of light. The cone’s base forms a circle at your feet;
  • In this circle, activate Sei He Ki with the intention of sending all residual and negative energies into the ground;

Bear in mind that the cone is dynamic. It stays activated even if you choose to change your location. And it will remain like this for as long as it is optimum for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Cone Of Light

Most residual and negative energies will gradually dissipate to the lower vibrational levels below our physical body.

The Reiki symbols activated above your head help you connect to the flow of the universal life force energy. This enables the “Cone of Light” to gradually cleanse your emotional and energetic layers.

It also means that it has a beneficial influence on your physical and mental layers, giving you a higher vibration and improved health.

“When you intend to send these energies to the ground, don’t they go towards our neighbors below?” – a couple of students asked me once.

I was quite surprised since I didn’t believe anyone would actually think about that.

The answer is “No, they won’t.”

This can only happen if your intention is aimed toward this purpose. Obviously, this is not something we should ever do with Reiki or other practices.

In our case, we want them to dissolve and disperse into the lower dimensions.

Adding methods like this to our Reiki routine will aid in both healing and spiritual growth. Just keep in mind that everything takes time, so be patient.