Blending Tantra Healing With Reiki

Spiritual growth can take many different forms.

Some go through the experience of having a family or long-term relationship where they develop as part of a couple.

Other awakenings might manifest due to specific events.

Each person travels unique paths throughout their existence. Yet, regardless of how they look from the outside, they are all in perfect harmony with what they resonate with.

For example…

Participating in seminars, group events, or enrolling in specific courses can positively impact your vibration, mental awareness, and divine connection.

This happens because of a collective consciousness, which means awakened people coming together and engaging in a beneficial spiritual activity.

My Tantra Healing Experience

It was the first module of a Tantra Healing Meditation Course.

Usually, we give ‘Tantra’ a sexual connotation. But this is far from being related to any sensual pleasures.

Instead, I was surprised to experience one of the most intense and blissful meditations I had ever done.

The sheer amount of energy we are able to harness at the Kundalini level is mind-blowing.

These meditations enable you to raise your vital energy and transform it into pure light, nourishing your physical and energetic bodies.

It helps cleanse and open all the primary chakras, especially the heart and crown chakras. It also deeply cleanses the primary energy channel, Sushumna.

Eventually, you will witness how your mental and emotional blockages gradually dissolve, allowing the energy to flow freely. This will help you achieve better physical and mental health and access deeper stages of your consciousness.

Another element that surprised me was the acknowledgment, consecration, and devotion towards the divine feminine and masculine concepts.

This removes most negative and residual concepts you may have towards the opposite sex while creating a wonderful Yin-Yang harmony within yourself and the rest of the people.

The course is spread over two days, focusing mainly on meditations and inner emotional healing with very few yoga poses.

Because of this accelerated pace, the students with little spiritual experience felt overwhelmed, and their mental blockages were very hard to dismantle.

Still, those who regularly engage with energy healing methods found the healing process much easier to digest.

How Can Tantra Healing Benefit Your Reiki Practice

Our inner self (Kundalini) is the generator of our vital energy. In turn, this is part of the universal life force energy, which makes us extensions of the creative power of Everything.

Among other things, the inner-self holds the ability to absorb creative information, sexuality, and the channeling of energy required for social interaction.

But its potential goes way beyond…

The inner-self energy has the power to lift our consciousness through the chakras and make us awaken beacons of divine energy.

Similar to Reiki, the Tantra path honors all forms of existence and believes that the spiritual journey should not be at the expense of earthly pleasures.

In order to advance spiritually while still enjoying all the facets of life, both practices recommend moderation. The key is to find a balance between your chakras and harmonize them with the rest of your body.

Reiki indeed makes this awakening happen more gradually, but the end goal stays the same:

  • Healing the mental and emotional layers while allowing the inner-self energy to re-connect to the divine one. This will enable you to reach higher levels of consciousness, therefore, grow from a spiritual standpoint;
  • Achieving self-realization and understanding that you are not just the physical body but an extension of Everything that exists in this infinite universe;

My experience may differ from yours, and it might take me more or less time and effort to achieve similar results.

Still, in the end, the healing process is not much different, and the summit we need to reach is the same.

That’s why I encourage you to try whatever you resonate with and find your own path to self-realization.

And if you’re still doubtful about the differences between both practices, let me give you one last piece of advice:

Don’t overthink it too much!

Just go with the flow and allow both disciplines to tell you if they are right for you.