Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Energies

Disclaimer: There are two energies that exist in everyone. The following newsletter is written through this lens and has no relation to any type of ideology, gender identity, or physical appearance.

Regardless of how we look or feel, we all have feminine and masculine energies at the inner-self level.

Becoming aware of their existence and working to balance them can bring numerous benefits to our lives, including improved relationships, better self-esteem, and increased creativity.

What Are The Masculine And Feminine Energies

The first thing to take into account is that the divine energy source includes both types. They represent two sides of the same coin and act as manifestations of the universal life force energy.

The feminine energy, Yin, is the component that seeks peace, stability, and comfort. Therefore, you can say that it is a more passive or relaxed form of energy. However, it’s also responsible for stimulating our creativity, intuition, and emotions.

On the other hand, Yang is the masculine energy that gives us the push we need to act and make things happen. It’s more aggressive but also provides us with clarity, focus, and courage.

Yang energy helps us put our intention and thought into practice. Therefore, it tends to resonate with action rather than stillness.

Throughout our lives, we constantly have moments when we feel like expressing either one side or the other. Of course, there are always individuals who are more comfortable manifesting only one of these energies predominantly. Again, this happens regardless of gender.

But from a spiritual perspective, things are much more profound.

This happens because there’s a polarity for each energy type which means both hold a certain amount of divine and demonic load. Try not to think of these elements as “good” or “bad.” They are simply part of our existence and represent different levels of vibration.

A person who manifests the Yin – feminine energy can do so from a:

Divine perspective – this individual nurtures, forgives, and offers compassion while tolerating those who do them wrong.

Demonic perspective – here, the person acts ruthless and unforgiving while constantly seeking control over situations and people. Even so, they can offer a certain level of compassion in the right circumstances.

A person who manifests the Yang – masculine energy can do so from a:

Divine perspective – they will be leaders, harmoniously blending caring, understanding, and loyalty towards others. While tolerant of those who do them wrong, the divine Yang may seek peace. Still, it will always push towards its goals.

Demonic perspective – in this case, they can have a dominant attitude, telling others what to do and expressing everything the way the demonic Yang thinks it’s best. They are unforgiving and vengeful towards those who do them wrong.

Each person has their unique resonance.

Therefore, they will attract the divine and demonic attributes that fit them best.

All four types have a well-defined place in this world. The ones that meet such people either have lessons to learn or karmic debts to settle.

Why It’s Important To Balance Both Feminine And Masculine Energies

Healing your masculine and feminine energies means optimally manifesting the corresponding divine and demonic parts.

The two concepts have spiritual and psychological components.


Each one of us will manifest both types of energy at a certain point in life.

Blocking any of the two in those moments will lead to unexpressed emotions, feelings, and actions, which can translate into:

  • Blocking the energy flow in certain body parts;
  • Closing the chakras and the energy fields they generate;
  • The mental and emotional distress that can easily lead to anxiety and depression;
  • Precarious mental and physical health that can potentially lead to severe health issues;

On the other hand, acknowledging, accepting, and consciously working to balance the two types of energy will support your mind, soul, and spirit in expressing themselves harmoniously. In turn, this will dissolve latent and residual energies, allowing healing to happen freely.

How To Balance The Feminine And Masculine Energies

1 – Reiki – Both feminine and masculine energies are incorporated into the universal life force energy. It’s why the Reiki self-treatment will directly impact these two concepts. The healing process will always include them and work towards a state of harmony.

2 – Spend Time In Nature – Spending time outdoors will help balance the Yin and Yang energies, whether you’re aware of it or not. So make the most out of these moments with yourself by breathing mindfully and allowing nature’s power to soothe your body, mind, and soul.

3 – Meditation – Even the simplest, shortest, relaxation-focused meditations can do wonders when practiced daily. You don’t need complex methods to achieve significant results. Music, incense, and some time spent with yourself can often be enough to stimulate your mind, body, and soul to heal themselves. Visualize the universal energy flow throughout your body to activate Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna gradually. This is a beautiful way to balance the Yin and Yang energies.

Final Word

The feminine and masculine energies are essential to our survival. Working to balance them throughout our lives can positively impact our mental and emotional health.

When these energies are unbalanced, we may find it challenging to connect with others and express ourselves fully.

Becoming aware of their presence is an essential step in our evolution.

Try and learn more about how they manifest in your life, which one you gravitate towards, and identify those areas that could be improved.

Do everything with joy and be grateful when uncomfortable situations occur. There’s always something to learn from them. Aiding your feminine and masculine sides is undoubtedly one of them.