Manifesting Abundance With Reiki

Reiki and abundance are two concepts that can be difficult to reconcile.

On the one hand, Reiki is a spiritual practice that encourages peace and detachment from material possessions. On the other hand, abundance is often associated with having lots of money.

How can these two concepts work together?

The answer lies in understanding the principles of Reiki and the concept of abundance.

Reiki teaches us to let go of our attachments to things, while abundance teaches us to appreciate what we have. When we combine these two teachings, we can find emotional health, spiritual growth, and a healthy level of abundance in our lives.

The Principles of Reiki encourage you to achieve a level of inner peace, kindness, and harmony with yourself and with the world around you.

A healthy connection with the physical world is recommended for these values to manifest in your daily life. Abundance is an essential element that allows you to achieve this healthy connection with the world around you.

Know that abundance is a concept that integrates both physical and spiritual perspectives. Attracting abundance means becoming ready to receive both material and spiritual elements (or gifts) that are needed for your survival, integration, and development at all levels.

As mentioned, you activate abundance when you are prepared from a mental and spiritual perspective to properly use what you receive. That’s why, compared to prosperity, abundance integrates certain levels of wisdom and discipline.

Here’s where most people fail and end up wondering why they don’t manage to attract more in their lives.

Although the energy of abundance is somewhat connected to the concept of Karma, nothing is set in stone. Precisely, you can shape or activate new paths through which you can receive abundance.

How Is Abundance Related To Reiki

The vibration Reiki brings alongside the self-treatment, symbols, meditations, and techniques have a huge role.

They are meant to cleanse your mental, energetic and spiritual layers.

In turn, this means that the flow of universal life force energy can:

  • Dissolve self-sabotage;
  • Self-made residual patterns;
  • Release energetic blockages;
  • Raise your vibration towards attracting the good things for your life;
  • Open the spiritual gateways towards abundance;

But let’s address the “elephant in the room.” – How can we attract more money and prosperity through Reiki?

Reiki is the catalyst that places you in a state of healing and helps you become more open to abundance.

Reiki can potentially “help” you dissolve the residual energy of poverty if you change your approach to this whole concept.

Money is energy, and often we begin to “chase” the physical element instead of actually inviting the energy behind the paper into our lives.

In fact, the paper itself is just a frivolous physical correspondent of colossal beneficial energy. That’s the one you need to tap into and integrate into your life.

Having said that, there are Reiki techniques that can support this integration and acceptance towards what we know as abundance.

​Here are some to consider:

  • ​Creating a specific Reiki project;
  • Meditating on tapping into the energy of abundance;
  • Sending energy into your future;

​As a hint, remember that the sequence Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can help you connect to anything beneficial for you and for your life. You just need to use the right intention.