How To Navigate Self-Sabotage by Better Understanding Reiki’s Role

Each one of us experiences life differently.

Some seem to be living in a perpetual holiday, while others struggle day in and day out.

Either way, we all go through ups and downs. Unfortunately, these extremes tend not to be related to one’s general situation. Therefore, change can come suddenly and violently to people you least expect.

A vulnerable body creates breaches at the energetic level, allowing low-vibrational emotions to enter.

The lack of sleep, a poor diet, and stressful environments can easily lead to anxiety and fear.

It’s when we turn to allopathic medicine and psychological assistance.


Ironically, it’s normal because we are afraid and want quick solutions, something that spiritual practices cannot offer.

Still, medication and treating the symptoms often don’t fix the fundamental issues.

But, for some, this is a turning point…

It’s when they realize that it’s time to work more on their well-being and prevent such events from happening. They start to look for “alternative” ways to take care of themselves, such as meditation, yoga, or Reiki.

These are incredible practices to relax, clear your mind, and even complement allopathic medicine.

Even so, we sometimes tend to treat these activities as chores because of our busy lives.

Maybe we blame ourselves for not trying hard enough.

But the truth of the matter is that it’s challenging to integrate them into our daily routine.

It’s common to put them aside for a while because they don’t offer instant gratification.

I’ve seen many students and fellow practitioners giving up Reiki at one point in their lives. This usually happens when things go well, and there’s no particular reason to take “extra care” of their mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Still, the majority always come back.

The Risk Of Nurturing A Lazy Habit

I’ve been there myself, and I know how it feels firsthand.

Even though Reiki is my passion, there was a time when I wanted to experiment. I was young and eager to learn and explore. Living life without Reiki was one of the choices I’ve made back then.

The problem…

An unhealthy and lazy habit can take over in no time.

Once it grows roots, it can become dangerous and hard to change.

I wasn’t a priority anymore. I forgot about the importance of centering myself and focusing on inner growth.

When everything goes smoothly, we don’t think about what can go wrong.

Only when I had to deal with challenging times I realized how much I was missing my balance … and Reiki.

But I’m not the only one. As mentioned earlier, so many practitioners experience the same self-sabotage and fear of growth every day.

Still, there’s a good outcome from all these.

If we open our eyes wide enough, we can see that Reiki is more than a way to relax and balance ourselves in times of need. It’s a vehicle for self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Once you grasp this concept, everything becomes much more obvious. It’s this work that takes care of everything else harmoniously and in our own optimum rhythm.

There’s one caveat. This vehicle needs a driver.

It doesn’t work by itself.

Take The Matter Into Your Own Hands

I knew that Reiki didn’t go away when I wanted to start again. But I also felt rusty and somehow ashamed, so it took some effort to accept that nothing would ever happen if I didn’t take action.

I had to overcome all the negative thoughts because I knew that everything was brighter on the other side.

I had to take the matter into my own hands and drive this vehicle.

Therefore, I took it step-by-step and started practicing self-treatment.

The activation of the Reiki symbols and the flow of universal energy gradually helped me center myself.

I went through old notes and even attended some basic classes. Then, I started putting my thoughts together and made sense of it all through this new perspective.

I was more mature.

Yet, I felt so vulnerable.

Still, being a second-time student helped me understand Reiki at a deeper level.

So, the inner-self reconstruction has begun.

The Secret Lies In Plain Sight

Of course, the complex Reiki techniques were very appealing. In my mind, I was convinced they were going to accelerate my progress. But this time, I wasn’t rushing and didn’t want to compromise these early efforts.

I would highlight that sticking with the simple methods for longer taught me how powerful Reiki can be. You have the chance to dive deeper and explore multiple uses.

It’s how I was able to grow my awareness and recalibrate my energetic structure.

There was no need for advanced mechanisms. Instead, a good understanding of the core fundamentals and using them with consistency is what helped me realize that Reiki is a catalyst for:

  • Mental and emotional healing – meaning, the transformation of low-vibrational emotions into beneficial ones through the flow of energy;
  • Inner-self awareness – getting to know yourself and what you are healing while being aware of your inner qualities and potentials;
  • Energetic cleansing – because the energetic system supports your physical body, it needs recalibration from time to time;
  • Spiritual development – by raising your consciousness. This is the ultimate goal of Reiki. It’s different for everyone, but starting to better understand the world around you as well as your personal mission, is one common attribute;

​Sometimes I wonder how foolish of me to leave all this behind.

You should start with simple, small steps. It’s how you get to know yourself through this beautiful art form.


Having a solid understanding of Reiki’s potential is what can help you overcome the early hurdles.

It’s what will keep you going when results seem invisible.

I actually advise against wandering into complex tactics too soon. It’s easy to become confused and lose interest. There’s so much to gain from sticking with the fundamentals.

Remember that life is going to be tough sometimes. Even if you take your mind off Reiki, never lose sight of your development and well-being.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience here on Earth.

We live by the physical laws and shouldn’t try to avoid them.

By constantly being connected with our spiritual side, we’ll navigate the uncertainties of life easier while discovering ourselves through meaningful experiences.