Pursuing Your Divine Purpose

Have you ever found yourself seeking a deeper meaning to your existence?

Are you occasionally wondering about the spiritual purpose you’re serving that goes beyond the ordinary rhythms of everyday life?

This signifies awakening your awareness, gently poking your conscious mind, and kindling a desire for evolution.

It’s when your actual journey begins.

Bear in mind that this isn’t a route traveled by all. It’s a unique path where each step leads to personal growth, understanding, and enlightenment.

Now… feeling overwhelmed by the vast expanse of this knowledge is a completely natural response.

The good news is that you don’t, and shouldn’t, journey on this path alone.

Reiki will always serve your best interest, awaken your inner potential, and gradually reveal your divine purpose.

Therefore, let’s explore its impact on your life and how it can guide you throughout self-exploration.

What Is My Personal Mission

This timeless question has captivated spiritual seekers since the awakening of their inner selves.

My Reiki teacher was no stranger to countless individuals asking this very question. It must have been thousands over the years.

His response, always profound, was a gentle warning:

“Stop seeking answers externally that you already hold within or fear to confront!”

We all yearn to grasp our life’s purpose from a spiritual perspective. Most of us sense the answer deep within, but we often shy away, too hesitant or comfortable to venture on the path meant for us.

The truth is, only you hold the key to unlocking this question. It is your journey alone, leading to greatness, spiritual growth, and inner fulfillment.

But what exactly is a personal mission, and what does it entail?

It is the path bestowed upon you by divine grace – an opportunity to learn and grow mentally and spiritually.

Within this personal mission, you encounter events, tasks, and people meant to reveal your innermost self. Embracing these experiences with wisdom allows each encounter to teach you valuable lessons about your purpose on Earth.

Thus, a personal mission consists of smaller paths ornamented with meaningful events. Though their significance may not be apparent initially, connecting the dots will unveil clarity in the future.

Remember that you also possess the power to introduce new ideas or events into this mission. Nurturing your creative side empowers you to harmonize your life with your true essence.

Why Should You Embrace Your Personal Mission

Here are two priceless reasons to embrace your personal mission:

Profound Fulfillment And Meaning

The desire for genuine fulfillment and profound meaning lies at the core of any quest. This isn’t about fleeting pleasures but embarking on a timeless voyage that delves into the essence of your existence.

Embracing this idea guides you towards an authentic life in resonance with your being.

Following your personal mission awakens your inner self, nourishes your soul, and grants wisdom to your mind. It allows you to manifest abundance on all levels and align with universal life force energy flow.


When you follow your personal mission, you inevitably contribute to the world. It may be indirect, but significant nonetheless.

Each step you take can align with your purpose, becoming a catalyst for positive change. Acts of kindness, compassion, and shared knowledge create a legacy of wisdom and divine manifestations on Earth.

You’ll acquire gifts and talents while uplifting others along their path of self-discovery.

Thus, when you pursue your personal mission, two profound outcomes emerge:

  1. You encounter authenticity, meaning, and fulfillment;
  2. You become a guiding light for others on their journeys;

Of course, prepare yourself for a rough ride from time to time.

All meaningful journeys demand effort and dedication.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t fully appreciate the peaceful and gracious moments the divine has in store.

Fortunately, Reiki can offer support even in challenging times.

By sending energy to your personal mission, you gain clarity and soften the rough edges, paving the way for light in your life.

How To Support Your Personal Mission With Reiki

  • Find a quiet moment away from distractions like media, mobile phones, TV, and other people, if possible;
  • Begin by activating your palms using Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. If you are attuned to level 3 Usui Reiki, add Dai Ko Myo to this sequence. Also, if you are attuned to other Reiki systems, you may incorporate symbols from those systems;
  • Open the spiritual dimension in front of you to reveal your life’s path. Use the Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen sequence of Reiki symbols for this;
  • Focus on directing the universal energy toward defining your personal mission or, if you are already aware of it, toward the guidance you need to travel this path;
  • Channel divine energy for about 10-15 minutes each day or as often as you can;
  • Finish each session by activating a Cho Ku Rei with the intention of sealing the process;

The Benefits Of Revealing Your Personal Mission

  • Unlock new opportunities;
  • Increase the likelihood of meeting the right people for your greater good. They will most likely act as teachers, even though they won’t necessarily resemble your expectations;
  • You’ll begin to find yourself in situations that will bring exponential value to your life and development;

Your personal mission is unique and defines you as an individual.

You cannot change it because it’s who you are.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu”

So, there’s no need to rush or feel disappointed that things are not yet crystal clear.

Cherish each moment of this spiritual journey, focusing on your personal growth. As the pieces gradually come together, you’ll find that your efforts are not just enhancing your life but also contributing to our world’s collective vibration and well-being.