5 Types Of People You Meet For Spiritual Growth

Did you ever have those epiphany-like moments when someone you didn’t expect indirectly offers you the answer to a question that’s been nagging your subconscious for months?

Or perhaps you meet incredibly annoying individuals who later on prove to have made you aware of an unhealed past trauma?

Not every person we encounter matches our way of being.

But it can certainly be there to meet our needs.

It may not be obvious at first.

Like in the movie “Matrix,” when you choose to take the “red pill,” you decide to walk on a path of inner transformation.

This process implies healing on all levels – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Therefore, the events and people you’ll come in contact with directly resonate with the act of healing and spiritual evolution.

When you seek healing and answers, the Universe reacts in your favor.

It will send your way the optimum people for your growth, and not the ones you believe are good for you.

Nothing happens by chance but with Divine permission.

Still, there’s a long way to go before you integrate the spiritual laws that govern the Universe. Naturally, you’ll show animosity and even hostility when you encounter people who trigger unhealed emotions.

The good news is that you’ll also meet kind people and pleasant situations. Unexpected is the word of the day. These will complement your evolutionary process and offer profound healing.

Even if these events may seem random, they are far from arbitrary.

The People You Meet

Let’s provide more structure and attribute a role to these people so you can approach these matters more clearly.

NOTE: This is not a personality checklist. It’s the behavior we experience with each person when meet them.

1. Messenger

Most of the time, they are the people who “deliver” answers or divine messages without even realizing their role. They indirectly offer you the solution you’ve been seeking as if they are at the right place at the right time.

Here are 2 examples:

  • You overhear two colleagues chatting at work. A phrase pops up and sticks with you. Surprisingly, it’s the answer you can’t seem to articulate for a while now;
  • You turn on the radio, and the music stops. The host pulls you in with a short but impactful message that resonates with you because it’s the exact thing you’ve been trying to solve, consciously or not. Maybe you were not actively seeking answers. But, in that particular moment, it all makes sense, and the steps you must take from that point on become clear;

2. Inspireres

These are the people the Universe sends you when you start a new project or wish to change something in your life.

From fitness coaches to business enthusiasts and even Reiki teachers, these individuals are here to provide the optimum inspiration you need at that particular time in your spiritual journey.

They can show up in person, through an online video, or even in a book.

Regardless, it’s like they are calling you.

Looking back, I feel like I would normally miss their message, but it was so clear back then that it was almost impossible to leave it slide.

3. Guides

On your path toward inner healing and spiritual evolution, Divinity sends people who help you realize you have many reasons to trust yourself. This acknowledgment is accompanied by the awakening process you have engaged in.

Therefore, guides are the ones who encourage you to rediscover yourself and return to your divine essence in order to re-acknowledge your purpose here, on Earth.

4. Angel Extensions

Some people are in tune with the energy of angels and archangels. This means that they act as spiritual extensions of divine beings in the physical realm. They will manifest divine attributes, even if they are flesh and blood like everyone else.

They are far from perfect and have similar concerns, fears, or responsibilities as most of us do.

Yet their desire to grow and understand those around them is inspiring.

Angel extensions stand by you when facing tough times or dire situations. Their actions and encouragement empower you as they emanate trust and divine light.

5. Shock People

Shock people are the most intriguing category as they are sent into our lives to wake us up… the hard way.

They point out how far we’ve distanced ourselves from our core, how lost we are, and that we’ve taken the wrong path.

Typically, they create the necessary pressure to surface unresolved traumas. In turn, this makes us aware and determines us to act on healing those imbalances.

That’s like shaking our entire being to realize we must restart and take the right path.

Sometimes, the shock people are the ones we greatly dislike and who deliberately seem to harm us. You might resent them. Still, they come your way as indirect healers and guides.

Final Thoughts

All these categories indicate that you don’t have random encounters.

The people you meet…

The situations you face…

All have good reasons behind, especially if you’ve chosen to grow.

Their role is to keep your consciousness in check and help you realize if you’re on the right path.

While many will touch your soul, some will be unpleasant yet useful. Without them, you wouldn’t make the turn and take the proper path.

So, instead of focusing on their “intrusive” nature, change your perspective and embrace their presence.

These encounters are here to help you realize what you already have inside but are too scared to act upon.

In the end, it’s an exercise of awareness and acceptance.

The more you work with your spiritual side, practice positive affirmations, and open yourself to the world, the easier it will be to spot these signs.

Keep practicing, and don’t be afraid of change if growth is what you want for yourself.

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