Understanding Level 1 Karuna Reiki Symbols And Their Connection With Archangels

Generally speaking, Karuna Reiki allows you to use and integrate a higher vibrational level of the universal life force energy than Usui Reiki.

This manifestation of the universal life force energy offers you access to the energy print of archangels and different types of divine entities that are “specialized” in particular roles.

For example, Karuna Reiki allows you to connect, embed, and use the energy of archangels GabrielMichael, and Raphael for your greater good and the benefit of others.

These three archangels are part of seven major celestial entities that facilitate the connection with the divine consciousness.

Each of these three archangels has a specific role in your healing cycle, and you can access them through their corresponding Karuna Reiki symbols.

But before getting into the ‘how tos’… let’s first try and change our perception of these divine beings.

Instead of seeing archangels as simple illustrations in religious texts, think of them as extensions of the divine source.

• If that’s too challenging, visualize them as gigantic orbs made of specific information and energies.

• Or, you can simply perceive them as undefined forms of energy with particular attributes.

But how is this related to Reiki, and can it really improve your practice?


There are many ways to go about practicing this type of energy healing. Asking for guidance from higher celestial beings is one of them.

By understanding that you can connect to these entities and bring part of their energy into your life, you can influence your healing perspective and approach to spiritual evolution.

Karuna Reiki Symbols and Archangels

  • Zonar – connects to the Archangel Gabriel – the angel of manifestation;
  • Halu – connects to Archangel Raphael – the angel of healing;
  • Rama – Connects to Archangel Michael – the angel of action, determination, and protection;

Zonar – Gabriel – brings awareness regarding past and present life traumas. Through their release into the conscious mind, you can approach them directly and heal them step by step in your own rhythm. This enables you to get unstuck and manifest divine potential and abundance on both physical and spiritual levels.

Halu – Raphael – releases the energy and pain attributed to the traumas you surface with the “Zonar – Gabriel” connection. In turn, Halu helps reconstruct the energy structures that lead to a deep healing process and balance of your emotional and mental layers. Moreover, Halu also offers a layer of psychic protection.

Rama – Michael – is ideal for removing any leftover residual elements and helps offer the will to become determined and move forward in your life. Besides its considerable vital energy boost, Rama provides a strong layer of protection from unwanted energies and entities.

NOTE: The Harth symbol also belongs to this “group.” It’s the gateway towards the divine feminine concept. Through its activation, you can bring the peaceful, healing, and stable energy of this concept. This makes Harth one of the most powerful Reiki symbols in existence.

When you feel stuck or go through a challenging period, activate Zonar + Halu + Harth + Rama on your palms and primary chakras. This will bring the necessary energy and information to move forward and find the optimum solutions to your problem.

You can also use this combination within your self-treatment and notice how your awareness changes alongside the release of emotional blockages after a few days.

Also, consider adding the following symbols to your sequence when sending distance healing to yourself or others (for the future, past, or present moments).

​Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Zonar + Halu + Harth + Rama.

Then use the same symbols to open the energetic gateway in front of you toward the situation or person you wish to send energy. Remain like this for 10-15 minutes and send energy for the greater good of those involved.

Can You Use These Symbols Without A Karuna Attunement

To benefit from their true potential, it’s best to have the Karuna Reiki attunement. Still, you can tap into their energy if you are level 2 Usui Reiki.

In fact, as a little “Reiki experiment,” I would encourage you to activate them and see what happens.

As I presented in my last webinar, I’ve met a few practitioners who could still use their energy to some extent, even though they weren’t attuned to Karuna Reiki.

If you’re looking to practice Karuna Reiki, trying out these symbols is a great way to prepare before the attunement. The process will facilitate the connection and integration of Karuna’s unique energy.