Meditating With Archangels

Each day is a gift.

Being excited about what you can learn and experience is a healthy mindset than can open you up to new opportunities.

If you’re flexible…

And allow the information you come in contact with to speak to you…

The right messages will reveal.

I’ve recently enrolled in a Karuna Reiki course that offers a broader perspective on what this system can provide.

One of its features is enabling us to connect with archangels.

Karuna is one of my favorite types of Reiki.

Even though I’ve been practicing it for many years, going through a refresher and seeing a different perspective enabled me to explore this unique system more profoundly.

While the course spreads throughout the month, I can already say that even the first lessons are worth ten times the money I’ve spent on the entire class.

It’s something magical about taking a step back and seeing everything from above while revisiting the fundamentals.

It allows you to assess your progress and internalize the core from a higher level of understanding.

It’s also an opportunity to enhance your connection with the universal life force energy and grow your awareness of your inner self.

This is a step towards aligning yourself with Karuna’s vibration as well as the entities represented by each symbol.

In this case, you can tap into the energy of archangels and other divine beings like angels of wisdompeace, and manifestation.

To do so, you can use the following meditation:

Meditation For Tapping Into The Energy Of Archangels

While it’s not officially part of the Karuna Reiki system, it’s still an efficient way to integrate the energy and information received through archangels.

You can always use this meditation with the Usui Reiki Level 2 to connect to your guardian angels or any beneficial entity you may feel you resonate with.

NOTE: Remember that you will only connect to an extension of a specific entity through this meditation. This will help you enjoy the energy and information you receive without experiencing any imbalances due to its high vibration. Therefore, everything will happen in accordance to your current spiritual level and resonance.

Step 1 – Preparation

• Find a quiet moment throughout the day;

• Cleanse the space with incense sticks and activate the Reiki symbols on the walls, ceiling, floor, corners, and center of the room;

• You can also light a candle and play some high-vibrational music to support your efforts;

Step 2 – Alpha State

• Sit comfortably in a chair with your back straight;

• Place your palms on your lap facing upwards;

• Close your eyes and relax;

• Start the breathing exercise specific to the Alpha State;

• Take your time, empty your mind, and allow yourself to flow into the spiritual realm;

Step 3 – Visualization

• Visualize a door in front of you with either the Karuna Reiki symbols or the archangels or divine entity you want to connect to;

• If you don’t have the Karuna Reiki attunement, you can do the same with Cho Ku Rei;

• Start channeling universal energy to the door and visualize as the symbols begin to shine;

• The door will then slowly open, revealing a room where the divine entity is waiting;

Step 4 – Communication

• Offer gratitude for the moment and thank the archangel for its presence;

• Ask for the optimum guidance for yourself and those around you;

Ask for forgiveness for anything that you might have done wrong;

• Offer your love and a hug if that’s something you both agree upon;

• Thank the divine entity once again for their presence and assistance;

Step 5 – Return

• Once you finish with the steps above, return through the same door and visualize as it closes behind you;

• Then slowly bring your energetic body into your physical self and open your eyes when you’re ready;

• Take a moment to blend with the environment and continue your day;

The Benefits Of Working With Archangels

Some say it’s enough to connect to the divine energy without overanalyzing each aspect of your problem.

It will know where and how to flow for your greater good.

And I couldn’t agree more.

They are definitely right.

Still, I would argue that…

Connecting to different divine beings is a way to access specific manifestations of the universal life force energy.

It’s not a required step but one that might take your spiritual experience a bit further.

It could help you address specific issues or receive personalized guidance that can prove more efficient once you’re ready.

My advice is to always be flexible and experiment as long as you do it for your greater good and the well-being of those involved.