The Importance Of Distance Healing

Reiki is one of the most efficient ways to reach mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

I always encourage my students to practice the Reiki self-treatment as often as possible. It’s best to do it daily or every other day.

Consistency is key.

This will gradually help you achieve balance and eventually develop a higher state of consciousness.

But before you reach these beautiful levels, what happens when you have a bad day?

What if what you’re looking for at that moment is feeling better and joyful?

It happens to all of us. Maybe some experience it more often than others.

Still, it’s part of life.

During those moments, you wish to have someone do the ‘spiritual work’ for you.

Even if I am a strong supporter of self-growth, I won’t deny that this thought crossed my mind multiple times.

I remember one time when it seemed that everything was happening all at once. I was overwhelmed with both my work and personal life. I wasn’t able to find a moment to rest my mind.

It goes without saying that inevitably you fail to function properly.
Trying to help yourself looks like the fatal piece for your house of cards.

I couldn’t find the energy to focus on my work or do something about it with self-treatment. It’s when I decided to ask others for help.

I picked up my phone and called someone who could send distance healing. Because I was out of tune and couldn’t find a spare moment to bring myself together, asking someone with a clear head for help was the right thing to do.

Soon I felt like I was able to breathe again. “fresh air” pumped into my lungs, and I was ready to put my life together.

It was a key moment in my life.

Even though I performed and received Reiki distance healing in the past, it was the first time when I became aware of its importance and power.

How To Practice Distance Healing

  • Activate your palms;
  • Open the dimensional gateway in front of you with the following sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen;
  • This will help you connect to a person, event, or future plan that you want to manifest in your life;
  • Use this gateway to send energy for about 10 minutes to someone in need. The person has to give their consent before you perform Reiki distance healing;
  • It’s also best to know when it’s happening so both of you can be present;

When you do this, you urge the universal life force energy to aid that person and provide the needed support to get back on track.

As a secondary effect, if you wish, distance healing will also help cleanse the body, mind, and soul while filling them with pure energy.

What About Distance Attunements

Using the same sequence, you can perform attunements at a distance. I feel this is such a personal experience and prefer to have it done in person. Still, it can work just fine at a distance.

Technically you can connect to someone through the spiritual and astral levels. By doing so, you access their energetic structure. Still, there will be elements missing that require physical contact.

Keep in mind that we are simply vessels through which the universal life force energy flows. We don’t heal or attune someone directly. The Reiki spirit guides and universal energy do all the work.

And, indeed, they have no limitations in time and space.

Distance healing is a simple yet very efficient way to help someone heal a certain aspect of their life, fulfill future goals, or support them in challenging times. You can learn more about distance healing in this Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen article on ReikiScoop.