How To Save A Bad Day

We all have good and bad days.

But we hardly notice the good ones. They make us smile, and we enjoy them to their fullest.

It’s the crummy days that need our attention.

I had one last week. I woke up feeling tired and angry without a particular reason.

It sucks.

We all experience it every now and then. You are in the mood for absolutely nothing, and everyone is suddenly annoying.

I knew I had to go to work and shake off this low-vibrational feeling.

This doesn’t come easy, not even for me. The difference is that I know it’s something I can escape. Better yet, my biggest advantage is knowing that I shouldn’t fuel this condition further.

Having the strength to accept this mindset can transform your day.

Unfortunately, most people do nothing about it. Sometimes it follows them the next morning. It can even last for several days. These low-vibration energies feed with your sorrow. You don’t care about fixing the issue. Absurdly, it feels ‘good’. But it’s misleading because it leads to complaining, anger, and disappointment.

Furthermore, you create breaches in your energetic system that allow negative energies to enter.

You invite them in.

They influence you throughout the day and can affect you even more if left unattended.

These energies are strongly connected with your “shadow-self”, a concept from parapsychology. The shadow contains all the unexpressed, repressed feelings and thoughts.

Still with me?


Let’s see what you can do about it!

  • First off, shift your awareness towards yourself;
  • Understand what’s going on;
  • Become self-aware;

Mentally activate all the Reiki symbols you have access to on your crown chakra to open the universal connection;

Then, activate them on all the other chakras and their projections;

I said mentally because you don’t always have privacy. Therefore, if you find yourself in a public space, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to improve your day with Reiki. This process doesn’t take long and can have immediate effects.

So be prepared to change your mood.

If you are attuned only to Reiki’s first level, visualize the crown chakra opening to the universal source of energy.

The universal energy will enter through all your chakras and energetic fields. It will recalibrate them and bring them back to their original structure.

Within minutes, you should feel a healthy flow of energy. You will begin to “breathe” again. All the negative thoughts and residual energies will gradually fade.

Be confident about your intention. Allow the universal life force energy to enter and heal you.

Before you know it, a new, positive vibration will guide you throughout your day.

NOTE: This bad mood is connected to our shadow self. The process described above won’t heal it forever. But it will help you dissipate those unwanted energies and make you more aware of yourself. It’s a great way to save a bad day.

If you’re interested in learning more, William Lee Rand describes in this article the concept of Reiki and the Shadow-Self in great detail.