A Different Approach To Cleansing Your Energetic System

One of the beautiful things about Reiki is its flexibility.

You can always experiment, adapt, and improve the way you approach this art form.

Furthermore, you can even consider blending Reiki with other practices like Qi-Gong, Yoga, or different types of meditation to enhance their effect.

Taking It One Step Further

Some practitioners choose to combine Reiki with specific algorithms for cleansing the physical and energetic layers.

But, these algorithms don’t remove just negative energies. They dismantle and disintegrate malevolent projections, programs, and thoughts. Indeed, this is not a traditional approach.

Still, you can take it into account in conjunction with Reiki therapy to recalibrate your energetic system.

Divination or Dowsing

Although less known in the western world, divination or dowsing it’s quite common in Eastern Europe, Russia, and even France.

It’s a complex science that can help us discover more about the energetic system and surface information on divine hierarchies. Instead of using the traditional dowsing rods, students choose triangle-shaped metal loops.

This enables the practitioner to measure various physical and energetic parameters to determine the health level of an individual. It’s a way to support the algorithms and considerably improve the recalibration of the energetic structure.


These algorithms don’t have to be either standard or complex. You’re the one who determines their structure. The way you form an algorithm depends solely on your expertise to channel the universal life force energy.

Someone who hasn’t practiced in a while doesn’t have the same flow as a practitioner who uses Reiki daily. In that case, the best thing to do is to refresh your knowledge and slowly bring Reiki into your life before tackling other techniques.

When To Use Algorithms

  • Whenever you have pain or discomfort that doesn’t give in to medicine;
  • You feel that something or someone is depleting you of energy;
  • There’s too much residual energy accumulated in your body that you want to get rid of;
  • When you feel tired beyond normal levels;
  • When you suddenly feel sick and you have a tough time getting back on your feet;
  • As a general “maintenance” method accompanied by Reiki self-treatment and symbols;

If you find yourself in any of the situations above, consider implementing a cleansing algorithm. Also, don’t forget to ask your spirit guides for support.

NOTE: While pronouncing the algorithm, rotate both palms in a circular motion toward the left side of your body. This will create an activation effect, allowing the information to become present in the physical plane.

– – –

“With the light, love, and wisdom that springs out of my hands, I dissolve:

  • Any harmful or malevolent programs and sub-programs from my body and soul;
  • Any negative or malevolent energies and pieces of information from my body and soul;
  • Any hostile or malevolent concepts or patterns that can affect my thinking, body, or soul;

With the light, love, and wisdom that springs out of my hands, I bring pure energy, love, and compassion toward myself. This will help my energetic structure gradually regenerate for my greater good!”

– – –

Be flexible!

You can constantly adapt this format to accommodate your needs and even direct it to specific body parts where you might feel discomfort.

Ideally, continue the Reiki self-treatment and add Reiki symbols to enhance the healing effect.

Using this type of algorithm will become part of your cleansing routine with time and practice, and you’ll find it easier to implement with each session.

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