Reiki And Massage Therapy

We use Reiki to place our physical, mental, and emotional bodies in a state of healing.

Other practices like Qi-Gong, Theta Healing, and even massage therapy can also improve our spiritual side.

But what happens if we blend one of them with Reiki?

Well … from a traditional standpoint, this shouldn’t happen.

​Reiki is considered a sacred and standalone practice. The channeled energy is the purest we have access to, and it doesn’t need to be altered in any way.

While a solid statement, in my experience, no approach has the answer to everything.

We’re all different and adapt in our own way.

Additionally, the physical environment is evolving, and each year comes with new challenges. These advancements echo in the spiritual world, and the energies and entities that exist beyond the tangible realm also evolve in their own rhythm.

Therefore, merging Reiki with other forms of therapy that make sense for you can return good results.

Even though I’ve studied many spiritual arts, I always come back to Reiki because it’s the only one that helps me feel whole again.

Combining Reiki With Massage Therapy

This is a popular mix, and for a good reason.

Even though Reiki can prevent and help heal energetic blockages, we tend to hold on to some unhealthy habits or patterns.

Sometimes a more direct action with quicker results is required.

Massages are a soft version of energetic healing that can release many mental and emotional barriers.

Adding Reiki to a massage session can do wonders.

• By activating your palms and chakras, you’ll be able to penetrate the energetic structure of your patient. They will usually verbalize their frustrations, thus eliminating them from their bodies.

• It works the same if you’re the one receiving the treatment. Consider activating your palms and chakras right before the session for deeper cleansing and to discharge stagnant negative energies.

The vital energy will start flowing smoothly through your meridians and energetic channels. This whole process will help the body regenerate while improving blood flow.

Reiki Massage Without Attunement

You can still benefit from a Reiki massage even if the masseur is not attuned.

Considering you agree with the process, activate the palms and chakras with Reiki symbols for both of you.

Relax, let go, and trust the person next to you. Then, compare this experience with a regular massage session and try to identify the differences. Take what worked for you and use it next time around.

In this case, I would say that it’s essential to have a positive connection with the masseur. You both have to believe in the process for the best results.