Why Was I Torn About Distance Attunements

Do distance attunements work?

Are they something worth considering?

Such questions have troubled me for a long time, considering I have met various practitioners who have been practicing them with success.

But let me share the insights that have made me overlook this method for some time…

The Role Of Reiki Attunements

We all have access to the universal life force energy, at least to some extent.

If this wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be alive.

Similar to a pipe through which fresh water runs, we are channels of divine energy.

That’s why it’s crucial to take care of our energetic system by cleansing our chakras, working with our inner selves, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Yet, due to our chaotic schedules, it’s often challenging to do so on a regular basis.

The Reiki attunements are there to ignite a strong and healthy flow of universal life force energy. It’s when you ‘re-activate’ your inner potential and enable yourself to manifest it in the physical plane.

This will help you find balance easier at the emotional and physical levels.

But this is merely the beginning of a long, beautiful spiritual journey.

This initial stage represents the purest moment you’ll find yourself in. (except birth)

From here on, the responsibility lies with you, the practitioner. How you choose to act moving forward and how much you care for your physical body and work to cleanse at a spiritual level will determine your future state.

Reiki Without Attunements

Now here comes the hurdle.

Many people understand this need but fail to find a teacher to guide them and provide an in-person attunement.

But is this really necessary to do healing work with yourself?

And if so, is a distance attunement the answer?

I would say that even the simplest meditations, spending time in nature, and reflecting on your actions are strong healing methods that anyone can perform.

If you do them regularly, they will undoubtedly bring more joy and peace to your life.

What I believe it’s missing are the more profound answers you can begin receiving once you dive deeper into a spiritual practice.

Attunements act as gateways toward this new worldview, and receiving such a gift is certainly something that can unlock this potential.

But I was always of the opinion that you have to receive attunements in person, and I can understand if you agree with this belief…

Why Distance Attunements Work

A few years back, I was among those who were skeptical about distance attunements.

I didn’t fancy the idea for many reasons, even though it worked.

Part of my disbelief was linked to the last part of the process when the teacher “seals” everything in a very specific manner. I simply couldn’t get my head around it.

But, somehow, with time and the desire to solve this mystery, I found that there were bits and pieces and information I was lacking.

They were not apparent at first, of course.

But when I finally realized that these lost components actually make a lot of sense, I started consulting with fellow practitioners and former teachers to see how I could make this work.

Then it hit me…

It was clear as daylight.

Reiki is more than a way to connect to the universal life force energy. It also enables you to channel it through time and space.

This realization, alongside my knowledge of working with energetic gateways, helped me see how distance attunements work.

The cleansing and healing methods depend less on physical elements but the correct channeling of the universal life force energy.

And, once you use these concepts with a clear intention, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

One Physical Element Is Still Required

There’s only one (physical) element that you need to take into account: The student has to be ready to receive the attunement.

Similar to an in-person experience, set a time when you’re both prepared to send and receive the universal energy. Again, the state of mind and proper information is what count most.

This is a crucial step that you cannot overlook because the student must be aware of the changes that occur at the energetic level and might be felt in the physical plane.

Distance V.S. In-Person Attunements

Without question, most people prefer an in-person attunement.

And… I couldn’t agree more.

The experience is much richer.

Plus, the psychological and physical elements give a genuine feel and look.

Still, regardless of its nature, the attunement works.

What counts is the work you do afterward and, in equal terms, the guidance you receive from your teacher. A good understanding of what you are healing and what matters most is key in avoiding confusion and finding consistency and results.