8 Spiritual Layers That Help Us Better Understand What We Are Healing

We activate different energetic structures whenever we practice Reiki, meditation, or prayer.

This activation determines our cells and senses to react and adapt to the changes in vibration. We gradually then feel these fluctuations as we progress deeper into the spiritual practice.

At one point…

The whole body “becomes aware” that we’re raising the vibration by channeling divine energy. This happens because our structure resembles a ladder of spiritual evolution.

Like the Sephirotic tree, each body part is a whole world in itself and has an individual role, specific functions, and energy levels.

These levels oscillate from low to high.

This means that, among our body’s energetic elements, emotions and energies must be transformed to reach physical and emotional healing.

The link between the Sephirotic tree and the human body dates back centuries and is now part of Hebrew esoteric texts. Not everyone agrees with this. Still, it’s a unique and slightly different perspective to Hindu philosophy.

The 8 Spiritual Layers

Practicing meditation or Reiki while being aware of these 8 elements can help us understand what we are doing more deeply. It’s how we transition from healing and balance seekers to spiritual evolution.

They might resemble the primary energy centers. But, in reality, the main chakras exist to guide and govern the already established spiritual structure.

1 – Feet – they are in permanent connection to the Earth. We can work to enhance and harmonize this link to develop a more profound understanding of Earth’s energy.

2 – Legs – are pillars of physical and mental stability and help us channel the grounding energy. Apart from providing the locomotory ability, our legs represent the “highway” through which we become the perfect channel between the Earth’s energy and divine light.

3 – Pelvic Area – generates the vital energy which can be guided towards creativity. The sacral region is the cradle of life. It includes energetic centers for sexuality, sensuality, interaction, and abundance.

4 – Abdominal Area – from this point on, we get to interact with more complex structures. This part is characterized by inner strength, self-confidence, and the energetic field of protection. The higher the vibration, the healthier the organs become.

5 – Chest Area – encompasses our feelings. It’s the nurturing place where we find comfort with ourselves and others. The thymus, heart, lungs, and breasts all have small energy centers that contribute to emotional healing and the expression of love.

6 – Throat Area – enables us to verbalize our ideas, feelings, and emotions. This is a key feature of our entire structure.

7 – Head Area – holds many senses like seeing, hearing, smelling, and …. thinking. The brain is probably the organ with the highest spiritual potential. Working to keep it healthy and activated will always contribute to our overall health. High vibration at this level also means manifesting wisdom and the expression of our higher self.

8 – Crown Area – sits above our head and represents the connection with divine energy. Through this area, we enable our higher self to reach greater levels of consciousness and awareness.

Many other layers exist outside of the physical body, the crown being just one of them.

Still, the essential takeaway is to use at least these 8 elements in therapy. Then, consciously include them in your sessions and allow the information to guide your practice.

Learning more about what you are healing is the smoothest path to great results.