How To Manifest Abundance With A Crystal Grid

Do you have that person in your life that’s constantly in a good mood? Laughing, enjoying life, and it seems like she has a brain injury or something?

Anitta is like that to me.

We’ve been friends for a long time, even before I started practicing Reiki. I know her story inside out, and throughout the years, I began to understand her behavior.

I can’t say she had everything given to her. But Anitta didn’t struggle in life either. Even though her mother passed away when she was just a teenager, somehow, that brought more positivity into her life.

She’s antifragile.

Today, she has two children, a loving husband, and, if you ask me, zero time on her hands. Still, she’s always in a good mood, and people love being around her because she fills them with energy.

Anitta is a natural.

She’s not forcing any of this.

Her life is beyond busy, her personal time is inexistent, and she doesn’t have any sort of help apart from her husband. Still, she told me once, in a moment of total honesty, how thankful she is for being so rich.

That’s what I call having abundance in your life.

Money is definitely an essential element. We live in a material world, and it provides peace of mind. But it’s only a small part. In my opinion, the biggest thing we have to work on is acknowledgment.

Some have everything they ever wanted: wealth, health, and a loving family. Still, they are incredibly miserable.



A few do it naturally, like Anitta. Most cannot. Therefore, it’s crucial to become aware of this possibility and work towards it. Doing the opposite can lead to a lot of sorrow.

Abundance means a lot of things to a lot of people. Start with picturing how it looks for you. Adjust with time. What’s the healthiest way your life can manifest, and aim for that goal?

A wonderful method to put this into practice is to use a crystal grid.

Reiki practitioners often take advantage of the power of crystals. They use them in self-treatment and the treatment of others.

There are many ways to do it.

According to each type of crystal and its shape, you can use them to absorb, channel, and activate different forms of energy. They can stimulate chakras, cleanse energetic fields, and gradually repair physical structures.

But what happens when you put together a large number of crystals?

Their power amplifies.

Furthermore, if you arrange them in a certain manner on a sacred geometry pattern and activate them for a specific goal, you get a crystal grid.

Crystals are amazing conductors of energy.

Naturally, they already have an energy of their own as well as an energetic field. Put together, cleansed with Reiki, and activated with Reiki symbols, they can become a catalyst for your goals.

These can range from having a healthier life, loving relationships, supporting your spiritual evolution, and even manifesting abundance.

For the latter, here are the steps to follow:

Choose the right crystals for your goal. To manifest abundance, Citrine, Pyrite, Red, and Smokey Quartz are the crystals you’re looking for;

​Create a Reiki project and place it under the main crystal on your grid;

Have a clear intention and ask for the best outcome for you and the people around;

Use Reiki and Reiki symbols daily or at least once a week to cleanse and activate it;

Keep in mind that abundance is different for us all. What we eventually want is to have a healthy way of living at all levels.

Seek the answers that work for you.

Be flexible and accept change if that occurs as a solution.

And remember …

You’re not what you think you are. You become what you think you are.

Our mind influences our actions, and our actions determine what our lives look like. It’s that powerful.

Choose to be happy!

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