Support Your Goals With A Crystal Grid

Crystals are like “transistors” for the universal life force energy.

They represent spiritual gifts that can cleanse, recalibrate, and activate your energetic structures.

You can use them as instruments to directly channel the divine light towards a specific purpose,  absorb negative and residual energies , or amplify the universal life force energy flow.

There are also crystals that you can program to activate your chakras and repair their energetic structure. This happens because each crystal has at least one energy field and an entity that forms a symbiotic harmony with that crystal.

In my opinion, as Reiki practitioners, regardless of whether we use crystals or not, we should at least acknowledge their potential and importance in therapy.

What Is A Crystal Grid Good For

A crystal grid can come in many shapes and sizes but it’s basically when you gather several crystals together to exponentially amplify the stream of energy that runs through each of them.

In Reiki, we typically use it to help manifest the outcome of a Reiki project.

To do this…

1 – Write down all your goals on a blank piece of paper using affirmations in the present tense, like:

“I have the optimum job for me and for my greater good.”

“I am healthy and prosperous every day of my life for my greater good.”

“I am in the best, optimum relationship for me and my life, for my greater good.”

2 – On the back of the paper, draw all the Reiki symbols you have access to and activate each symbol energetically.

3 – Fold the paper – you now have a Reiki project.

How To Create A Crystal Grid

Normally, there’s no rule when selecting the type of crystals that compose a crystal grid.

Some practitioners prefer obelisk shapes, while others would instead choose tower crystals.

Regardless, there are a few guidelines to follow.

  • You’ll need a center crystal that is usually larger than the rest;
  • Add surrounding crystals (start with at least 3);
  • Finish with a master crystal (usually a single or double-ended pointed crystal) that sits next to the grid. This is responsible with charging the grid with energy;
  • Everything will come together on a layout of choice. This can be anything from a triangle, square, or sacred geometry-shaped board;

Ideally, you should take each crystal (including the master crystal) and keep it within your Reiki-activated palms for about 5-10 minutes. You can also activate your hands and send energy above all the crystals for 20 minutes.

Have the clear intention of cleansing them of any residual energies and activating their energy flow.

Integrating The Reiki Project

You’ll place the Reiki project I mentioned earlier beneath the entire assembly, right under the center crystal. This way, it will receive energy from both the centerpiece and the surrounding ones.

Combining Reiki with crystals will amplify the overall flow toward your goals and support its manifestation in the physical plane for your greater good and with the divine will.

This happens because crystals act as conduits, allowing the divine light to travel freely and directly to your Reiki project.

Yet… this is not a set-and-forget assignment.

And that’s good because regularly cleansing and re-activating your crystal grid can help maintain proper functioning and stimulate your motivation and trust.

To do this:

  • Take the master crystal in your dominant hand and use it to re-activate the Reiki symbols on each crystal;
  • You can also send Reiki above the whole grid for about 10 minutes to stimulate the energy flow. Have the clear intention to cleanse it from any negative influences or unwanted entities that may be stuck in that area;

Integrating a Reiki project with a crystal grid is a powerful way to harness the universal life force energy to manifest your desires and intentions.

It can help bring a sense of peace, balance, and harmony to your life while empowering you to take control of your own destiny.