Enhance Your Reiki Experience With Quartz Crystals

The quartz crystal family is one of the most well-known group of physical “items.” They are valued for their energetic and spiritual qualities, especially among spiritual practitioners.

Similar to the Lapis Lazuli stone, quartz crystals have been used for millennia for different purposes.

Despite their basic chemical composition, crystals have molecular activity and energy fields that are generated from within.

This means that each and every crystal has its own vibration and level of channeling energy. In fact, the quartz crystal family is among the best conductors for both electricity and energy.

These days, it’s sought mainly by spiritual practitioners for their abilities to cleanse, activate and enhance specific energetic structures.

So, crystals complement multiple forms of therapy, including meditation, Reiki, and Qi-Gong.

The main types of quartz crystal used in therapy are:

  • Clear quartz;
  • Rose quartz;
  • Amethyst;
  • Citrine;
  • Smoky Quartz;
  • Red Quartz;

Due to their natural hue and chemical reaction, each type of crystal has its own vibrational frequency and energy characteristics.

This means that you can use them for both physical and energetic healing purposes.

What Are They Good For

The clear quartz – magnifies the energy of all the other crystals. So it’s an excellent tool for purifying your energetic fields and improving the flow of universal life force energy throughout your body.

The rose quartz crystal – aids in the activation of the heart chakra and all of its spiritual “elements.” It’s a crystal that, over time, encourages you to search for compassion, comprehension, and forgiveness within yourself.

Amethyst – is one of the most popular crystals that help intensify the flow of the universal life force. It also cleanses and purifies the chakras and energetic fields of any living being when activated and cleansed thoroughly. Amethyst is a crystal that helps individuals develop their spiritual awareness while also stimulating their potential for spiritual growth.

Citrine – is meant to represent wealth and good fortune. The orange-yellow hue stone also helps activate the solar plexus, responsible for most of our internal physical movement. Citrine improves the flow of the universal life force energy similarly to all the other crystals.

Smoky quartz – is a versatile stone that may be used for a variety of purposes. It helps with grounding and stimulates the lower chakras, which are associated with health. Smoky quartz also allows for the proper distribution of vital energy throughout the body, from the crown to root chakras. In addition, this stone is recognized for absorbing most of the malevolent intentions you absorb.

Red quartz – is the stone that helps stimulate vitality, sensuality, and abundance on all levels. Although it resonates more with the first and second chakras, having a red quartz crystal around you can offer the necessary boost to overcome burdens and discover inner strength.

There are numerous quartz-like stones, but the most frequently used ones are listed above. The goal today is to raise awareness of the significance of these items in therapy.

Remember that spiritual growth doesn’t necessarily separate us from the physical world. It shouldn’t do so while we are still here on this planet. In fact, as you can see, there are natural elements that can considerably help us with our development on all levels.

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