Grounding And The Earth Star Chakra

Many people, especially students and practitioners, struggle to establish proper grounding. This mostly takes place after certain meditations that are meant to raise your vibration and awareness.

You have probably (at least) heard about the concept of grounding.

Perhaps you have even tried it in your own way.

What Is Grounding

As mentioned, some students understand it as a method that brings you “down to Earth.” It’s a way to reconnect to the physical world after intense spiritual practices.

Others see it as a way to focus on the material world’s responsibilities like money, family, or career.

But some spiritual practitioners claim that grounding, in its spiritual sense, represents a bond between the beneficial energies of the Earth and the celestial ones. This places you in the middle as a perfect conductor for both.

Truth be told, grounding is a blend of all of the above.

That’s because grounding remains a standalone concept. Still, one can perceive it in so many different ways. This obviously depends on each one’s life experience and level of understanding.

There is no standard definition, but grounding involves connecting yourself with the beneficial energies of the Earth. This means that you harmonize yourself with everything they have to offer.

​These energies can be:

  • Vitality;
  • Sensuality;
  • Material abundance;
  • Developed survival instinct;
  • A sense of nurturing and protection towards loved ones;
  • Faster physical healing;
  • Healthy sleep;
  • Being in tune with your surroundings;
  • Being receptive to the people around you;
  • Obtaining and managing work opportunities;

From an energetic and spiritual perspective, the root and the Earth Star chakras are the ones you should focus on in order to enjoy a healthy grounding process.

Here’s a simple yet effective meditation that should help you do just that.

You can use it anytime you feel your mind is “up in the sky” or even as a follow-up to another meditation.

Grounding Meditation

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 10 minutes or so;
  • Sit in a chair with your back straight;
  • Close your eyes and relax – place your palms on your lap, facing upwards;
  • When you are entirely relaxed, visualize roots coming down from your hips;
  • These roots are slowly going down towards your thighs, knees, and calves;
  • At one point, they reach your feet and soles, and they will extend as far as the center of the Earth;
  • Stay like this for a few minutes. Try to perceive the energy from Mother Earth;
  • Become aware of your connection with the universal life force energy. You are the perfect vessel between the two creative energies;
  • When you feel it’s time, you can slowly open your eyes and resume your day;

This meditation’s role is to gradually help activate the energy of the Earth Star and root chakras.

Keep in mind that each person will experience this meditation differently.

Also, awareness plays an important part. You first need to “know” that you need to ground yourself before you decide to start the meditation. But, again, this comes with experience, time, and practice.