Use A Grounding Tree Meditations For A More Authentic Connection

We all have the ability to manifest both divine and telluric energies.

The divine energy refers to the universal life force energy, while telluric is the one that exists within and around the Earth.

Sometimes we tend to favor one over the other, and that’s when imbalances may occur.

There’s nothing wrong with having a preference, and it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve at the inner-self level.

Therefore, it’s normal to feel a stronger connection with either type at different times in your life.

Still, a balanced approach is the most beneficial way to go.

Why Grounding

One element that can assist you as a practitioner in determining your “center of gravity” from a spiritual standpoint is grounding.

Regardless of your energetic state and current goals, it’s always a good idea to have this option in your “manifestation toolkit.”

You may experience grounding in many forms:

  • It’s the element that enables us to thrive and grow in this world.
  • It gives us a sense of stability and connection to all that is.
  • Grounding can help us reach our true potential of manifesting spiritual elements in the physical plane;

NOTE: Remember that the physical world blends with the etheric and astral planes. Grounding, however, does not appear to exist in any other dimensions apart from this one.

How Can The Tree Concept Benefit You

There are many ways you can go about reestablishing the connection to the energies of Mother Earth.

The options are endless, from physical elements such as crystals, music, or incense to purely energetic ones like meditations or symbols.

Some of them help improve your judgment and self-awareness, while others enhance your ability to balance your personal and professional life.

One of the best representations of being grounded and becoming a channel for both the telluric and divine energies is the image of a tree.

The tree concept is present in many esoteric beliefs and even some religions, from Kabbalah and Christianity to Norse mythology.

That’s because the tree represents all of spirituality’s essential aspects.

The roots are linked to the Earth’s essence, while the crown is exposed to sunlight. As a result, the trunk becomes a pathway for water, minerals, and even different lifeforms that benefit from the natural elements.

This makes the tree a universal concept representing the perfect balance between:

  • The low and high vibrational energies;
  • Light and shadow;
  • Yin and Yang;

A tree is like nature’s “Holy Trinity” and includes:

The physical elements – roots, trunk, and crown;

The energetic side – photosynthesis: the process of converting sunlight into chemical energy;

The spiritual aspect – connecting multiple planes of existence through one complex structure;

Some of the best grounding tree meditations vary from: hugging a tree and imagining your body as one to visualizing its roots running through your legs and connecting you to the center of the Earth.

Each approach has its particularities, but the main idea is to focus on reestablishing the connection with nature.

The “Grounding Tree Meditation” – mentioned in the recommended articles section – is quite useful in the morning when you know you’re going to engage in more “earthly” activities such as sports, driving, or even socializing.

Moreover, it can help remove residual energies by “pushing” them down into the ground and optimize the vital energy flow through your body.

Use it whenever you’re feeling tired or clouded in your thinking. It may also be utilized when you are not completely confident or in control of your life.

Your solar plexus, sacral, root, and Earth Star chakras will become increasingly activated over time, giving you the inner strength and self-assurance you didn’t know you had.