Become Aware Of The Root Chakra’s Properties To Better Understand Yourself

Throughout our spiritual learnings, the knowledge we acquire on chakras is fundamental to our growth.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of places one can choose to consume information from, and it can all become confusing rather quickly.

Even so, this was one subject that I was immediately drawn to since the start of my spiritual journey.

​Chakras are more than just vortexes through which energy flows. They are energetic thresholds towards higher states of consciousness.

At this point, you may say:

“OK, but this applies to the superior chakras, not the inferior ones, right?”

Well, that’s not exactly true. Allow me to explain.

Superior & Inferior Chakras

The concept that some chakras are “superior” and others are “inferior” has nothing to do with their spiritual worth but rather their location on the physical and etheric spectrums.

In other words, regardless of where they are positioned, each chakra has its own spiritual importance.

The one that is considered the “first” chakra is located within the physical body spectrum, and it is called the “root chakra” or Muladhara in Sanskrit. This one is positioned in the inguinal area, the perineum region.

Among its many characteristics, I have noticed three key aspects that the root chakra is in charge of. They are linked together, as one leads to the next. Once you’ve mastered them, the positive impact will assist you in changing your perspective on the outside world and yourself.

Root Chakra’s 3 Main Attributes

  1. The root chakra is where most of the unhealed family-related wounds and traumas will be stored. This means that, through meditations or Reiki self-treatment, you will be able to acknowledge these emotional scars and begin to heal them. As a result, this can lead to several beneficial effects, including an enhanced connection with your inner self;
  2. Step 1 will help you acquire a healthy and harmonious connection with the telluric energies of this Planet and the dynamic of the world around you. This strong connection can facilitate a stable financial position for you and your loved ones. It can imply a better workplace, which may lead to greater mental and emotional well-being;
  3. Your life will take on a different, better dynamic if your root chakra is cleansed and activated. That’s because your root chakra generates the energetic field of vitality. Your inner-vital energy will develop, and you’ll be compelled to effortlessly overcome any difficulty you may encounter in your daily life. As a result, this will generate a feeling of self-satisfaction and joy in your mental and emotional bodies. In addition, you’ll start to be more grounded and aware of your inner capabilities for improving your life;

The Root Chakra And Reiki

The Reiki self-treatment can be a useful tool in bringing all of these elements to life. Keep in mind that this process will most likely not occur overnight.

In order for your energetic structures to operate at their full potential, Reiki will provide the necessary universal energy to stimulate them in your own natural rhythm.

Also, each one of us acts as a whole interconnected system. As a result, when you look after one chakra, it impacts the rest as well, at least to some extent.