Why Grasping Energy Dynamics Is An Unfair Advantage In Confronting Global Challenges

I participated in many seminars where we channeled energy for the greater good of our country. And… sometimes, for the whole Planet.

Our clear intention was to allow the universal life force energy to flow where it could do the most good.

I believe it’s in our nature, as human beings, to help others without expecting anything in return.

And that’s why we strive to assist those in need, regardless of their location.

However, having an open heart and the willingness to do good deeds doesn’t always lead to positive outcomes.

And… can even backfire.

This happens because practitioners rush in without minding the elements at play.

Before engaging in such an honorable yet complex endeavor, here’s what to consider.

Ask For Permission

Not everyone wants to be healed.

Regardless of whom you send distance healing to, you need to have their consent. Even if they are close relatives and friends, asking for their approval before engaging in distance healing is a wise thing to do.

For example…

If someone seeks help in their relationship, and you only have the consent of one person, you need to channel the universal energy with the intention of healing the ‘relationship concept.’

Without alignment between you and the receiver(s), intervening goes against an individual’s free will.

Addressing Multiple People At Once

Avoid doing it all by yourself!

Sending distance healing to multiple individuals implies longer and more demanding sessions.

That’s why it’s best to ask other practitioners, and even your Reiki spirit guides to assist you.

Your combined efforts will create a more potent flow, optimal for the greater good of the people involved.

Taking Upon Yourself The Energies Of Others

All actions create effects.

This is quite a debatable and controversial subject. Still, I’ll try to give a personal and straightforward explanation.

First, you should acknowledge that humans are emotionally and spiritually elaborate individuals. From being able to experience joy in admiring a single flower to contributing to building entire cities and civilizations, the interaction we have with one another is far more intricate than with any other physical being on Earth.

Each time you send energy to one or more individuals, you are essentially aiding them in healing their imbalances, traumas, and negative thoughts.

This means you are gradually entering and cleansing their energy fields, which contain all the elements of their current life, including their vibration and resonance.

Therefore, a subtle exchange of energy and information occurs between you and those involved.

You’ll absorb part of their residual energies and projections you resonate with at that moment in time.

That’s why I always advise my students to use distance healing:

“For the greater good of those involved, in accordance with the Divine laws!”

This might seem like a simple affirmation.

Still, it can act as a robust protection layer, reducing the number of energy strings that may form throughout the process.

Why Take The Time To Think Things Through

It’s very common to want to help others when you know you can.

It’s also highly likely that you quickly become overwhelmed with the events that triggered this desire.

Let me share a story…

One of my long-time students had a similar experience a few years ago.

She decided to “stop” an armed conflict in a country dear to her. Even though many other issues were happening in this southern part of the world that she could assist, this drew her in.

I repeatedly explained that her actions could have significant repercussions and that even an experienced practitioner would need additional help.

Needless to say, she followed her gut.

While this may seem natural and noble, when all signs tell you otherwise, it may be the proper time to take a step back and assess.

Yet, she went on with her calling and attracted heavy energies and entities that surpassed even my dimmest predictions.

With time, we figured things out, but she only used my advice as her situation surpassed my ability to offer help.

How To Address Global Challenges With Care

  1. A larger number of practitioners is necessary (10+) to split the absorbed energy. Also, they would have to have knowledge about energy protection and cleansing to restore their system after such an intervention;
  2. Channel energy no more than once a week for 10-15 minutes. This isn’t a self-treatment session. It goes beyond our regular practices, and pushing the limits is unnecessary;
  3. Keep in mind that there are forces at work that determine the balance of karmic debts. Plus, not everyone wants to be healed. With this in mind, our role is just to “lay a hand,” and whoever has eyes for it will hold on tightly. That’s why you always use the phrase “For the greater good of the conflict and the people involved;”

Let the universal energy do the work.

We are merely servants.

Not healers nor judges.