Should Reiki Symbols Be Kept Secret To Be Sacred

Reiki is a spiritual practice that anyone can access to heal themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It has a simple ideology and does not require you to turn away from your religion or beliefs.

That’s why it’s such a popular choice for people looking to improve their well-being.

Reiki symbols are one of the key elements of this practice.

They can assist you in connecting to different manifestations of the universal life force energy and focus this energy to cleanse your energetic structure and help raise your vibration.

While Reiki symbols raise a lot of interest, most of us were taught that they should be kept secret – or revealed only during the attunement.

This leads to plenty of controversies that I believe don’t serve anyone.

Having them out of the public eye only amplifies the mystery and misunderstanding around Reiki symbols, making it harder for people to connect with their potential benefits.

Yet, it is thought that it’s the very reason why they remain sacred.

But sacred does not equal secret.

​Sacred vs Secret

• Sacred – is something that holds great significance, that is special, and often has a spiritual implication.

• Secret – is something that is hidden, confidential, or not meant to be revealed.

Obviously, each is entitled to a personal opinion. Still, I believe that keeping Reiki symbols secret does not serve their true purpose.

Considering that Reiki is not a religion, the sacredness of its elements – including the symbols – is subjective and primarily limited to its practitioners.

Reiki’s spiritual essence exists regardless of individual opinions. Therefore, its value is intrinsic and available to anyone interested in energy healing.

Practitioners fear that Reiki symbols might lose their worth if publicly exposed. Furthermore, some think that by doing so, you commit sacrilege.

While I understand this concern, I don’t believe it’s warranted.

There’s a big difference between discussing a topic and using it disrespectfully.

The values of Reiki are defined by its ability to help you heal your physical, energetic, and spiritual layers rather than by its secrecy.

Can Reiki Symbols Cause Any Harm

Another common debate is having random people exposed to the vibration of Reiki symbols without being attuned to them.

According to this hypothesis, even the slightest exposure to the symbol’s energy and information can somehow disrupt one’s psychological and energetic state.

While it’s true that you should practice Reiki on others only with their clear consent, exposing someone to the information of Reiki and its symbols does not cause any psychological disruption.

In fact, those who practice Reiki know that it’s not a quick fix. It takes time to see results, regardless of whether you’re using symbols or not.

Again, if this were true, nobody would question Reiki’s ability to heal, and it would be all over hospitals and healthcare institutions.

If someone does have an extreme behavior when exposed to an article on Reiki symbols, it means they have a severe imbalance that will manifest anytime they make contact with a spiritual-related environment.

Why We Write About Them

There are entire books, magazines, and different publications on the topic.

Most of them exist to help others improve their practice or help them focus on what matters – our Reiki Symbols Guide is a perfect example of that.

When you have a passion, you naturally want to spend as much time as possible doing the thing you love.

People who cook write recipe books.

Even if you create amazing meals, you’ll still benefit from what others have to say. It’s a way to learn, grow, and connect with different ideas.

And finally…

The Reiki symbols were kept secret when any “non-traditional” spiritual practice was considered taboo.

Moreover, attuned practitioners were not fully appreciating the value of Reiki at the time.

Therefore, according to the old Reiki tradition, the symbols and practices were kept secret.


Those days are long gone.

We evolved, and Reiki did too.

Other Reiki systems emerged from our collective work, and so many people enjoyed the benefits of Reiki in its various forms.

Even Japanese Reiki Masters teach in Europe or the USA with an authentic desire to help others.

As I see it, the more we practice Reiki, the more we connect with our compassionate side, raise the overall vibration, influence others, and, eventually, provide healing to the entire planet.

One Last Thought

After each attunement, I was confused with what I had received. Even if my teacher revealed new Reiki symbols, it took time to appreciate their full potential.

Even now, I’m still discovering their mysteries through practice.

Also, and maybe this is just me…

I didn’t learn everything all at once.

With time, I added many uses and attributes by working with others, talking to fellow practitioners, and attending seminars.

Maybe you feel the same.