The Best Thing Is What’s Best For You

We all have our own personalities, interests, and hobbies.

These elements aid in the formation of our own views and perceptions.

But this is also highly dependent on our experiences and values. Of course, once you develop new skills and start learning more about life itself, these concepts will certainly shift with time.

It’s no different for spiritual practices and interests that enable you to develop yourself as an individual.

You may have discovered several methods to meditate, heal, or restore your balance. As a result, you now have the capacity to form your own viewpoints and offer suggestions based on your experience.

Whenever you are asked for advice or see something that’s not quite right, you are able to help out someone in need. This means that you can contribute to the well-being of others.

At one point, you may even start sharing your wisdom which is a wonderful opportunity that is usually repaid ten times over at the spiritual level.

Even so…

Others take on a different approach.

Look At Things Through Different Lenses

Throughout the years, I have had the chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds.

Some of them tried to infiltrate their personal views – which were far from being a simple suggestion.

They all sounded something like…

“My practice is way better than yours.”

“What you are doing is wrong, and my way is more efficient.”

Still, a wise person is always ready to challenge their views:

“Do I really have the right to say that “my way” is the best way?”

“Am I really in a position to consider a practice better than another?”

If your answer is yes, you’re probably missing out on one fundamental truth.

Everybody has a personal rhythm and understands things accordingly.

Each of us resonates with a certain activity suitable for our evolution at that moment in time.


Can a professional football player state that their discipline is better than a chess champion? Is a race car driver better than a passionate cyclist?

Absolutely not.

All these activities contribute to developing the mind, body, and spirit. And we resonate with whatever makes sense for us.

Recommend. Don’t Push

Some believe they should “push” the idea of having Reiki, Yoga, or other spiritual practices in their life. They probably think you’re lost without them.

While this can be true, it’s a big difference between recommending what works for you and imposing something on a person.

Again, there’s non “better” than the other. The best choice is whatever works for you.

Each has different ways and levels of accessing the universal life force energy.

So, what’s crucial is to embrace the activity that helps you develop.

And this can mean different things to different people.

Although we share similar traits and features as humans, we have distinct ways of approaching and understanding life.

That’s why each activity or spiritual practice is suited for certain individuals and not others.

Moreover, we resonate with different teaching styles and people in general. This contributes to the variety of choices and opportunities that shape our beautiful world.

Pick what’s beneficial to you.

Just remember to constantly have your and others’ greater good in mind. Never confuse passions and interests with addictions or desire for control. One is useful to your life, while the other can prove to be quite harmful.