The 3 Elements You Don’t Want To Overlook When Providing Attunements

Even if we all have access to the universal life force energy to some extent, Reiki attunements can significantly enhance that connection.

Furthermore, this process enables you to consciously channel the universal life force energy flow through your body so it can manifest in your daily life.

With time and practice, you’ll experience positive results at the physical, mental-emotional, and… why not, spiritual level.

But not everybody can perform attunements, and for a good reason.

Only reiki masters/teachers with the necessary training can take on this responsibility.

Let’s see why…

#1 Divergent Opinions

While attunements usually benefit both parties, I believe there are things you should definitely consider before engaging in this process.


  • Some Reiki teachers see attunements as a way to cleanse their energy structure;
  • Others believe there is an energy exchange due to the opening of energetic channels. While the flow cleanses the student and raises its vibration, teachers take upon themselves residual elements;
  • On the other side of the spectrum, some think nothing happens except a harmonious resolution in the spiritual plane;

So who is right, and why does this matter?

Let me explain…

Firstly, without a shadow of a doubt, a beneficial energy transfer takes place for both participants.

Secondly, everything depends on the teacher’s current vibration level and resonance with certain elements required for its spiritual evolution.

More precisely, the Reiki master/teacher may take upon themselves residual or negative energies that are aligned with the lessons they need to learn at a divine level. But they will also receive spiritual gifts as well as the optimum energy flow for them.

This means that someone who offers attunements should expect both types of energies and never disregard one or the other.

NOTE: Resonance is the effect of low or high vibrational levels, which, in turn, results from one’s ability to understand and harmonize with its shadow self, the flow of universal energy, and the outside world.

#2 Sensitivity Levels

Everybody has a unique sensitivity level, but, in general, there are 3 broad categories:

  • Non-sensitive;
  • Normal-sensitive;
  • Extra-sensitive;

They are pretty self-explanatory.

When it comes to attunements, you should be aware that some people won’t feel much or anything at all. In contrast, others, who are more in tune with the universal flow, will be susceptible to the changes in vibration.

Neither is good or bad.

It is what it is.

Still, by making this distinction, you can act accordingly.

• As a teacher – you may consider additional cleansing and protection methods;

• As a student – you should know that each sensitivity level can be balanced out through regular Reiki self-treatment;

#3 Attunements Can Settle Over Time Within The Student’s Energy Structures

The universal life force energy has a “mind” of its own, so to speak.

It will offer the optimum flow of energy for each and every person following their current level of vibration and understanding of the higher divine planes of existence.

This means that sometimes, even if the student receives the normal attunement, the necessary energy and information required to seal everything within their energetic fields will “spread” throughout days or even weeks.

This ensures a gradual transition, optimal for their current vibration level.

I have personally experienced this with non-sensitive students, who most likely manifest this way for their greater good.

If it were to happen otherwise, unnecessary mental and emotional imbalances could occur. That’s why the universal life force energy will flow for the benefit of each person.

Regardless if we’re talking about attunements or simply treatment of others, the whole process will engulf the student’s current vibration level and perception.

How To Look At Attunements

When you initiate somebody in the art of Reiki, you become their guide… at least spiritually.

Even if you don’t communicate much at a physical level, there is a certain degree of responsibility that comes with this process.

While there’s no need to get overinvolved, it’s best to support their progress in the best way possible. At least be there for them in the early stages to ensure a smooth start.

Last but not least, a transfer of energy takes place whether you accept it or not. I stand by this affirmation due to my experiences with attunements as well as the feedback I received from other Reiki teachers.

Sometimes the connection you make is mild because the person is clean and has little residual energy. Other times the opposite stands true.

That’s why it’s best to ensure you have the proper training and protect yourself energetically before performing any attunements.