The Unspoken Truth About Reiki

This year gave me the opportunity and privilege to interact with ReikiScoop’s audience in various ways.

Seeing so many people interested in our content and engaging in the workshops was a pleasant surprise.

While there are undoubtedly unique questions for each individual, a pattern has emerged. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to address this in today’s newsletter.

How can I improve my Reiki practice and channel the universal life force energy more efficiently?

Even if it seems pretty broad, this question surfaced a more profound issue that I failed to identify until now.


Eventually led to another one:

Why isn’t it enough to simply activate the symbols and practice the Reiki self-treatment?”

This second question came from a particular group of people who used Reiki in the past and were now ready to bring it back into their lives.

Yet, I realized that so many of us miss this essential element that could answer all the above and more…

This priceless component is integration!

I’ve only met three Usui Reiki level 3 practitioners who channeled the Karuna and Shamballa symbols on their own. This was due to their robust connection with the divine source and the integration of the Usui energy and information.

Of course, because they laked the attunements, their access was limited.

Still, the ability to expand to such a degree remains impressive.

Why “deep” Trumps “broad”

Integration is the action of assimilating the information and energy of an activity. This happens by constantly exposing yourself to its various facets.

Think of Reiki as a skill you want to develop…

  • At first, you know very little about the subject. So you start with the basics and try to make sense of things.
  • In the next stage, you advance to a higher level of understanding, where you’re provided with the opportunity to add extra layers of knowledge.
  • Finally, you arrive at a point where you master the basics and seamlessly blend them with various elements to arrive at unique outcomes.

When you look at it this way, you realize there’s only point “A” and point “B.” It’s a continuous arch, while the rest is just the path that takes you there.

This doesn’t mean “B” is the final destination, but the moment you begin experiencing Reiki’s true potential.

However, if you stop anywhere in between for a prolonged period, chances are it can become challenging to restart the practice.

I’m not saying it’s impossible.

I’m simply stating that people usually fail to fully integrate the teachings before moving on to ‘shinier objects’ or giving up altogether.


When they want to start again…

They do so by approaching Reiki like a set of steps…

Overlooking that finding results imply embedding the energy and information within their energetic structures.

Only then can one reach the inner-self level and surface the root of the problem to heal it.

It’s like a prominent boxer in the ring. You don’t have to think about the physical elements surrounding you or even what your opponent is doing. Instead, the situation will guide the instincts you have developed over time, and now you only have to dance.

In Reiki, this translates into using your intention without bothering with details. Everything happens as a whole, whether it’s about activating symbols or using a set of techniques. Your sole focus is the outcome, and everything else flows naturally.

The Benefits Of Integration

  • Channeling the universal life force energy at a stable vibrational level;
  • Develop a connection with the Reiki spirit guides;
  • Gain the ability to faster manifest certain physical elements and situations that are in accordance with the divine cause;

In other words, the more you expose yourself to the practice at a physical and energetic level, the more in tune you become with that type of Reiki.

I know how challenging it can be to do this randomly. I’m also aware that many fail to notice this concept completely.

That’s why we developed the “Reiki Refresher Course” the way we did. Today it has evolved into a tool that can help students harmoniously integrate the energy and information of Reiki by looking at the process as a whole.

Still, considering this is an actionable Reiki newsletter, let me share with you what I would do to better integrate the energy and information of Usui Reiki.

How To Do It

• Begin by practicing the Reiki self-treatment regularly;

• Then, once you implement this habit, try adding the steps below at the end of the day;

• Activate your palms and chakras with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki;

• Start channeling the universal energy flow from the crown chakra down to your feet;

• Mix things up and meditate on specific outcomes or symbols;

• With each passing session, try to notice how the process becomes easier and more effective. This should slowly impact your emotional health and mental state because you’re now constantly aligning yourself with the universal life force energy;

• As your vibration levels increase and your energetic layers clear, you can now take things one step further and connect with your Reiki spirit guides;

• Begin by sending them universal energy to establish a connection. Gradually develop this relationship through gratitude and positive thoughts. You can then ask questions and use their messages to improve from within;

• The Reiki spirit guides are key elements in reaching new manifestations of the universal life force energy. It’s through them that you’ll learn more about yourself and eventually help others;

Improving The Craft

Integration is about spending time with the thing you want to learn. As you progress to more profound levels, you’ll discover answers, teachings, and concepts not visible at first sight.

The goal, but not the destination, is to eventually practice Reiki instinctively.

This is what will make you an efficient practitioner.

This is when you’ll enjoy Reiki’s full potential and be able to use it as a tool for personal development and spiritual growth.

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