More Than Meets The Eye

Have you ever wondered if Reiki symbols have more uses than what’s taught in books or seminars?

It would be no surprise if this thought didn’t cross your mind. Opinions differ from teacher to teacher, and most cover what’s generally accepted.

For example, I know Reiki teachers who don’t believe that Cho Ku Rei has additional applications. They say it acts as a switch for the universal energy. It works well in chakra cleansing, but that’s about it.

Truth be told, this is how they learned it and how their teachers were taught. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s just incomplete.

You see, each year, we are in awe of what we discover in science, technology, space exploration, and medicine. It shows that the things we never thought possible are becoming a reality. I dare to say that we’re at the beginning of our evolution.

But is this true for spiritual knowledge?

Think about it.

We access learnings from ancient times. Yet, it seems like we’re only recently becoming aware of their power and influence. Once we grasp these concepts, we tend to improve them. We adapt them to our lifestyles and inevitably find new ways of implementing them.

Take Yoga, for example…

It’s a physical, mental, and spiritual self-growth practice thousands of years old. In the past, only certain spiritual practitioners were able to access its secrets. Now, we begin to rediscover Yoga and integrate it into our lives. We have improved it, so it’s more convenient for most people to adopt it.

The same goes for Reiki and its symbols.

Cho Ku Rei is the first Reiki symbol you learn. It’s also the most “versatile” one. It has the most extensive number of uses, and you can quickly feel its effects.

It is indeed an essential activator for the universal life force energy. However, it has a multitude of other uses. Several practitioners and Reiki teachers brought these to the surface in the last decades.

Here are a few examples:

​Keep in mind that this is only one symbol. Imagine applying the same analysis to all the others. A new and fascinating world will open up with time and practice.

Having said that, you should know that the Reiki symbols are just a means to an end. They are exceptional “tools” that help you enhance the Reiki practice. Still, you’re the one who has to guide them and find peace on all levels in order to benefit from their power.