Breaking The Dark Energy Bubble With Reiki

‘I’ve been feeling exhausted lately for no apparent reason. It’s been like this for about a month.’ – a friend told me on the phone.

As I returned home the other day, a neighbor shared a similar story: ‘I feel trapped in a bubble that I can’t escape.’

Things started to form a common pattern when I met with an old-time friend who told me: ‘You know I’m a smoker, and cigarettes always calm me down. Lately, though, I don’t know what’s happening. The more I smoke, the more anxious I feel because even this “relaxing” habit doesn’t work anymore.’

Interestingly enough, I’ve felt the same way for the past month without having a logical explanation.

I took the time to focus on the issue for a while.

NOTE: When I’m in a pickle, I like using positive affirmations to create a reality representing the opposite of my feelings. A reality where I already have the best answer and enjoy the optimum solution.

That’s when one of my first Reiki teachers came to mind.

He used to say that during military conflicts and political turmoil, there’s often a negative energy affecting people in close proximity.

He said spiritual practitioners might feel it even more because their energy channels are more open.

It’s hard to say if these are the main reasons…

Regardless, it had to stop!

I tried all sorts of complex techniques like the cone of light, meditation in motion using the Dai Ko Myo Reiki symbol, aura combing, and the pillar of light. They helped a bit, but not as much as I wanted.

Then, I remembered something that my teacher said at a seminar:

‘When you feel trapped in a bubble of darkness, pushing against it only adds pressure to yourself. Instead, try to “puncture” this bubble and dismantle it into smaller pieces.’

And… that’s what I did.

I used Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo + Zonar + Halu + Harth + OM with the intention of breaking this negative energy around me.

In just a few hours, I felt lighter, happier, and free.

The stress and worry started to disappear, so I kept sending Reiki to the rest of the “bubble,” turning it into positive energy.

Sometimes, simple methods can be powerful, especially when you look at things differently.

This is what I learned:

  1. The more complicated something seems the simpler the solution might be, and vice versa;
  2. Shared interests bring people together. Growing and evolving, whether it’s physically, financially, or spiritually, is a group effort. Trying to figure it all out alone isn’t always realistic.

We’re all connected energetically as humans. World unrest can affect us, and unexpected things can happen.

But the teachings and wisdom of spiritual practitioners are there for everyone.

That’s especially true now, with so much information available online.

Working With Spirit Guides To Break The Dark Bubble

Some spiritual practitioners feel like they are never alone because they always have their spirit guides with them.

And while this is true, and I encourage everyone to nurture this connection, other people’s opinions offer a different type of value.

That’s because channeling energy and information from higher spiritual beings is a skill you develop with time and practice.

It can have profound meaning, but answers usually take a while to unfold.

So, we end up at the same point: we grow through our connections with people and communities.

Sometimes, even divine beings learn from what humans do, regardless of the nature of their actions.

  • But if you choose to call upon their guidance, remember the importance of setting clear intentions and being open to the messages you receive.
  • Start with a calm, focused mind, and ask your guides for clarity and direction.
  • Trusting the process, being patient, and being willing to interpret the signs and insights they provide are essential.

This spiritual dialogue is a profound part of your journey, enhancing your understanding and connection to the universe.

Remember, seeking guidance from spirit guides is complementary to community interaction, each offering unique perspectives and wisdom.


Getting through this period of exhaustion wasn’t just about solely dissolving bad energy but embracing the Reiki principles and learning its valuable lessons.

This experience reminded me that the spiritual path isn’t always straightforward or solitary.

Sharing our burdens, being honest with ourselves, and supporting others in the process bring more awareness and growth potential than doing everything in isolation.

So, let’s value challenging times as they are often the push we need to surface our inner strength and manifest our genuine potential.