Unlock Your Psychic Surgeon Potential

“You can perform surgery with Reiki!”

I was baffled yet intrigued when I first heard my teacher say this.

I didn’t know what to think or when to stop my mind from spinning.

So, I patiently waited for him to explain.

“Yes! you heard it right.”

“There’s a Reiki method that allows you to perform surgery – on an energetic level, of course.”

Reiki is a vast concept that goes beyond its centenary traditional teachings.

We all know that Reiki focuses on cleansing and healing our energetic structure so that we can improve our physical experience.

However, modern advancements have expanded the practice into a complex yet more effective spiritual tool.

Although not all modern approaches are equally valuable, certain techniques have significantly lifted the potential for healing and awareness.

When blended with traditional teachings, these methods can prove to be quite useful in today’s environment.

One example is psychic surgery.

What Is Psychic Surgery

Similar to how surgeons operate, psychic surgery implies deep work within the energetic body.

You target a certain area to help cleanse and repair a specific condition.

This isn’t a method for emotional healing or spiritual ascension.

It’s a way to reach the cellular level to aid a problem that has manifested or is about to manifest in the physical plane.

Self-Treatment v.s. Psychic Surgery

To fully grasp what psychic surgery entails, it’s helpful to compare it with the Reiki self-treatment.

Self-treatment in Reiki is a broad approach that helps maintain overall well-being and spiritual balance. It addresses a wide range of issues and imbalances and can be used as a method of prevention, balance, or spiritual ascension.

In contrast…

Psychic surgery is a more focused technique explicitly used to remove negative energy from specific areas of the body. This method involves deep cleansing down to the cellular level, thereby eliminating negative energies and harmful information.

To perform the. psychic surgery, you expand the energy field of your dominant hand, transforming it into a beam of light that penetrates through the layers of energy fields to directly target the core of the affected area.

Therefore, psychic surgery is particularly geared toward addressing issues that have manifested physically or are about to do so.

Whether it’s relieving pains, easing cramps, or addressing tumors, this method can be pivotal in the healing process, making it an invaluable tool for more severe and urgent health-related situations.

How To Perform Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery involves a detailed and careful process that deeply affects the energy fields. Given that you already know the patient’s health imbalance, here’s how to conduct it.

  1. Begin by activating your palms and crown chakra using all the Reiki symbols you have access to. This will offer a smoother flow of energy through the body and hands;
  2. Activate Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki on the rest of your primary chakras to prepare your energy system and create a layer of protection before starting the healing process;
  3. Activate Cho Ku Rei on each fingertip of your dominant hand. If you are attuned to level 3 Usui Reiki, add Dai Ko Myo and Raku for deeper energy manipulation;
  4. Visualize an energetic extension forming from your dominant hand. This extension is now able to penetrate your client’s energy fields down to the cellular level;
  5. Approach your client with a gentle combing gesture above the affected area and visualize as the energetic extension of your fingertips reaches deep into their physical imbalance. Continue this motion until you sense a significant reduction in negative energy;
  6. Follow up with hands-on treatment over the affected area for 10-25 minutes to consolidate the healing;

TIP: To enhance the effect, use an obelisk-shaped crystal such as clear quartz, amethyst, or rose quartz.

Things To Consider

Gentleness is key: Always use delicate moves when cleansing the affected area. This method is intended to reache the deeper layers of your physical and energetic bodies. It’s not the typical self-treatment, and the response can be quicker.

Use sparingly: Avoid repeating this procedure on the same patient unless the issue requires frequent interventions.

Informed consent: Always explain the procedure to your client and ensure you have their consent. They must understand what they are about to receive and what they should expect.

These steps and considerations ensure that psychic surgery is performed safely and effectively, aligning deeply with the energetic needs of the client while respecting their physical and spiritual boundaries.


Psychic surgery represents a sophisticated addition to traditional Reiki practices. It offers a refined and meticulous approach to addressing specific health issues by reaching deep into the organs, tissues, and cellular levels.

Given its profound impact, it’s crucial to employ this method cautiously to avoid breaking the energy field and creating unnecessary imbalances.

Alongside other modern techniques, psychic surgery enriches the Reiki experience, enhancing both its healing capabilities and overall effectiveness.

This approach allows practitioners to provide targeted healing interventions that can significantly improve the well-being of clients, making it a valuable tool in the repertoire of advanced Reiki practices.