How Feng Shui Principles Made Me Use Crystals Mindfully

‘Never underestimate the power of placement!’

The words of Ms. Lillian Too stuck with me till this day.

As the 2019 Extravaganza event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was coming to an end, the fundamental principles of Feng Shui started to make a lot more sense.

My sister is a Feng Shui specialist, and I traveled with her to attend this annual event.

I’m not particularly interested in the details of Feng Shui.

I understand its role and function.

But because my sister asked me to accompany her, and for the opportunity to explore another culture, I accepted the invite.

Little did I know that this experience would enrich my approach to Reiki. It stands as proof that apparently unrelated moments bring significant value to the thing you focus on.

This happens because we’re sometimes too caught up in the trenches that we forget to appreciate the overall picture from different angles.

There was a lot of theory and elements discussed.

Yet, by the end of it, Lillian Too brilliantly summarized the essence of Feng Shui in one sentence:

‘Never underestimate the power of placement!’

According to Feng Shui, the placement of objects, furniture, and even buildings can influence the flow of chi (or qi), the life force or energy present in all things, which can affect the health, prosperity, and overall well-being of individuals and their environments.

Her statement highlights the importance of being mindful and strategic about placement to harness positive energy and mitigate negative influences in one’s living and working spaces.

The diverse knowledge and opinions “forced” me to look at Reiki from diverse perspectives. My thoughts flew freely and, at one point, the use of crystals became clear in my mind.

I realized that these elements promote a harmonious circulation of energy.

Just like in Feng Shui, we use crystals to improve the energy of our home or work place.

Even if we often times do it randomly.

It’s why my Reiki teacher has two human-sized citrine geodes in his office, sitting next to an impressive amethyst collection.

Of course, he’s not an isolated example.

Many of the practices I’ve visited have some sort of crystal arrangement for general balance and harmony.

The way I see it…

If I could capture all the crystals’ attributes in one word, it would be: “support.”

But, before diving into how crystals work, let’s uncover…

The Mental And Energetic Role Of Placing Objects Mindfully

• Mental implications – when you arrange and rearrange objects that are dear to you, you do so intuitively. This doesn’t mean you have a compulsive behaviour. It’s simply your natural desire to harmoniously connect the elements that you are fond of with the surroundings.

• From an energetic standpoint – printed symbols, mantras, and even crystals emanate the energy that resonates with your current vibration. Yet, their role is to stimulate our body’s natural healing ability and eventually help us align with our vital and universal energy.

Crystals As Elements Of Support

Know that crystals share their attributes on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. That’s because they are spiritual elements that manifest in a physical structure.

Each type of crystal has unique energies and, therefore, different roles.

At first glance, we have crystals that:

  • Amplify the vital flow of energy through your body such as red quartz, carnelian, and red jasper;
  • Absorb negative energies like black tourmaline, black onyx, or obsidian;
  • Keep your protection field healthy. Examples include citrine, smoky quartz, or yellow onyx;
  • Enhance the flow of universal life force energy such as clear and rose quartz, amethyst, and opaline;

How To Use Crystals In Energy Healing

Large Crystals

If we’re talking about larger crystals such as clusters or even geodes, the only way to actually “use” them is to place them in certain areas of the room.

I usually choose corners to cover most of the space I’m trying to cleanse and protect. This way, they’ll also amplify the flow of universal energy through the room.

Small Crystals

The same goes for smaller crystals. You can use them as personal items or display them on your desk to benefit from their unique properties by keeping them nearby.

Dynamic Crystals

Still, I find that the obelisk-shaped crystal is the most “dynamic” category.

Also known as the “tower” crystal, you use it in therapy as an extension of your hand.

Due to their pointy end, tower crystals can channel the universal life force energy very efficiently, amplifying the effect of therapy tenfold. That’s why most tower crystals are from the quartz family, such as clear quartz or amethyst.

However, the darker-colored tower crystals can be used in clearing blockages by absorbing stagnant negative energies on the meridians and main energy channels.

Want even more precision:

  • Setting clear intentions, or “algorithms,” can guide both small and large crystals to channel energy towards specific goals;
  • To begin with, formulate a clear intention;
  • Then, position your activated palms in front of the crystal and articulate your intention and algorithm;
  • To remove or alter this programming later, use Reiki symbols along with a counter-algorithm to neutralize the previous setting;

The importance of regularly cleansing your crystals cannot be overstated, as it ensures they function at their highest vibrational level.

How To Cleanse Crystals With Reiki

First of all, why is there a need to keep your crystals clean?

As mentioned earlier, crystals are spiritual elements, as we are spiritual beings.

That being said, if they help in therapy, it means they absorb much of the negative energy they are exposed to.

Like anything else you use for cleansing, taking care of your crystals is good practice.

Luckily, the process is quite simple:

  • Activate the preferred Reiki symbols on your palms;
  • Repeat for each crystal;
  • Send them Reiki for about 10 minutes once per week;
  • If the crystals are small, gather them together, activate the Reiki symbols on each one, and then send energy to all for about 10-15 minutes;
  • For larger crystals, it’s best to send energy individually;

NOTE: Avoid placing crystals on salt because it can severely dehydrate them.

While large crystals are highly effective in enhancing the flow of universal energy, they also tend to absorb more negative energies, especially in rooms where therapy sessions involve multiple participants.

So keep that in mind because they might require more effort from your part.


Crystals act like reliable support elements in your energy work.

You can use them to elevate your overall mood and target specific outcomes.

Crystals are your allies, from absorbing negative energies to delivering a practical cleansing effect.

But just as your friends and family require a constant connection to maintain a healthy relationship, so do crystals.

Regular interaction with your crystals is essential for sustaining their vibrancy and effectiveness.

Therefore, remember to constantly show your attention through Reiki, meditation, and gratitude.

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