How To Address OCD With Reiki

Did you know you can use Reiki to channel the universal energy with specific intent?

Typically, we perform self-treatment or treatment on others for a broader spectrum of benefits, allowing the universal life force energy to flow where it’s most needed.

This flexibility is precisely ​what makes Reiki so valuable​.

However, you can also target specific imbalances using a method called “informed light” or “informed energy flow.”

It’s a tailored approach to energy healing that can prove quite efficient in certain situations.

Of course, you must do so with mindfulness and responsibility.

As a Reiki practitioner, it’s crucial to have:

  • A solid ethical foundation;
  • The consent of the people involved;
  • And manipulate the universal energy for the greater good of the situation;

Once you have this dialed in…

Imagine being able to address explicit conditions intentionally to potentially alleviate their unique symptoms.

You can now tap into a profound source of healing that goes beyond traditional methods.

During my training, I was intrigued by this method and the opportunities it could provide.

I began exploring its potential and how I could apply it to some common mental health conditions.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) was one of them.

What Is OCD

From an energetic perspective – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is characterized by a combination of low-vibrational energy and information that forms a detrimental pattern.

This pattern breaches the conscious mind and embeds itself in the subconscious. Once entrenched, OCD often triggers repetitive behaviors or an overwhelming need to control various aspects of life.

The underlying goal of these compulsions is to achieve a sense of closure, which, paradoxically, is rarely, if ever, fully attained.

Psychologically – OCD is linked to a loss of inner balance, often triggered by unresolved emotional traumas that lead to compulsive behaviors and a deep-seated need for closure.

NOTE: It’s essential to understand that OCD is a mental health issue. There are no physical markers to measure it. It’s like a drug that, once it takes hold, becomes very difficult to overcome.

Tackling OCD With Reiki

I prefer using “tackle” because the actual healing can take time. From months to even years, OCD requires patience, consistency, and discipline to potentially dissappear.

So, you have two options.

The way I see it, you can tackle OCD in two ways:

1) Either you force yourself not to engage in this toxic behavior anymore.

This is the most painful approach because it will make you feel like something is missing in your life or that something terrible is about to happen if you don’t satisfy the closure effect.

2) Gradually dissolve the low-vibrational energy and information behind this initial program using Reiki.

This is a gentle but lengthy process.

Of course, we are here to talk about Reiki, so let’s dive in.

How To Address OCD With Reiki

  1. Activate your palms by thoroughly rubbing them to one another. If you are Reiki level 2 or above, you can activate the Reiki symbols on your palms and primary chakras;
  2. Ask your spirit guides for support by invoking their assistance in dissolving this specific energy. They will help enhance the universal energy flow and the effects of the following steps;
  3. Place your palms on the crown chakra with the clear intention to channel all the necessary energies, information, and beneficial entities required to dismantle the program behind OCD. Stay in this hand position longer than you’d normally do;
  4. Continue with a complete self-treatment while preserving the same intention. As presented, the self-treatment will start from the crown chakra and work its way to the root chakra;
  5. After this session, keep your eyes closed and hands in Gassho for a few minutes. Observe the changes that occur within your energetic body;
  6. Thank your Reiki guides and your guardian angel for helping and supporting you in this session;
  7. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and resume your daily chores;

NOTE: OCD primarily affects the third eye chakra, but shifting your attention to the crown chakra is more effective, in my opinion. That’s because the third eye chakra is connected to the pineal gland and the front lobe, while the crown energy center governs a larger area of the brain, including both pineal and pituitary glands.

Ending Thoughts

Exploring Reiki’s application for conditions like OCD highlights its profound impact as a versatile healing practice.

Reiki has the potential to take you beyond traditional physical healing, addressing deep spiritual and mental realms through targeted energy work, such as psychic surgery. Such methods allow practitioners to directly influence and alleviate the complex energy patterns associated with specific conditions.

However, Reiki is not the only path to healing.

Other approaches like meditation, Theta Healing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) also offer valuable tools for managing mental and energetic imbalances.

While embracing a holistic approach to well-being is essential for best results, exploration is another crucial factor. You can blend, borrow, and create your own tactics and principles for a unique experience.

Whether through Reiki or other spiritual disciplines, the aim is to restore balance and foster a deeper connection between physical symptoms and spiritual health.