Recharge With A Full Body Meditation

Each Reiki teacher and practitioner has a unique approach.

While everyone follows a few general guidelines, Reiki’s flexibility allows us to enjoy a personalized experience.

Of course, that’s also the ultimate goal – to make this beautiful art-form work for us in an optimum way.

Regardless of how we choose to perform the attunements or use the hand positions, Reiki still works.

Sometimes We Get Lost In Details

Channeling universal energy is an ancient concept.

​Reiki simply enables us to benefit from this practice more systematically.

Through its teaching, we learn how to focus this energy towards ourselves and others for physical, mental, and emotional healing.

While it sounds simple (and it is), many get lost in Reiki symbols and complex methods, which eventually hinder their progress.

This can lead to procrastination and a drop in motivation.

The enthusiasm of exploring something you’re excited about it’s only natural.

Unfortunately, this can distract you from what matters.

Fancy techniques and symbols are not required for Reiki to work. They can enhance the practice at the right time but also hold you back if you dwell on them too much.

Reiki is about the journey, less the destination. Let go of your expectations and simply enjoy the ride.

One of the main goals is for us to become a beacon of light that channels the universal energy into this world.

Those who are ready to receive it will be there – including us.

Stimulating Awareness

I want to share with you a simple yet effective way to channel the universal life force energy.

It requires a bit of visualization and not much effort or time.

My advice is not to memorize the technique itself but use it as an exercise to become aware of your own rhythm while getting comfortable with each step without rushing.

This has helped me breathepause, and reconnect with the basics over the years. It’s like a detox that allows me to recharge and return to the essentials with a clear mind.


1) Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. If you’re sitting, make sure your spine is straight. Mornings are best, but also take advantage of any break throughout the day;

2) Play some relaxing music, light up a candle, an incense stick, or anything that will signal your brain that it’s time for a quiet moment.

3) Place your palms on your lap facing upwards;

4) Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Relax every muscle of your body. Keep in mind that the more relaxed you are, the easier it is for the energy to flow;

5) Visualize a thick beam of white, bright light entering your body through the crown chakra;

6) This beam slowly descends through your head, cleansing your brain and mental energy field of any negative thoughts and patterns;

7) Visualize as it descends towards your neck, lungs, and heart areas while cleansing all residual energies in its path. It will also help restore and bring back the lost pieces of your soul;

8) The beam of light continues its descent to the abdomen and pelvic areas, removing all residual energies;

9) When the beam arrives at the legs region, it pushes down any residual energy into the ground;

10) Once you’ve finished visualizing the previous step, allow the beam to enter the Earth while grounding you;

The Benefits

• It cleanses your energy fields and chakras from residual and negative energies;

• Helps regenerate your emotional body and soul;

• Stimulates the vital energy and maintains it throughout the day;

• Enables you to become a channel of light while grounding you at the same time;

• Supports other spiritual practices like meditations or even the Reiki self-treatment;

• Promotes a calm and balanced state of mind while keeping away negative influences;

• If you choose to practice it daily, it can bring general health benefits at the physical level;

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