Reiki Level 1 – An Indispensable Tool For Experienced Practitioners

As practitioners, we are constantly exposed to a broad range of Reiki systems, techniques, and ways to find balance with energy healing.

While each has its role, they tend to make us lose sight of Reiki’s fundamental elements.

I once heard one of my teachers tell a story about Hyakuten Inamoto, a student of Hiroshi Doi Sensei – one of the oldest living Japanese Reiki masters.

I found this very useful at the time, and I believe it’s as valid today as it was back then.

Regardless of your expertise level, taking time to reflect on your progress and turning your attention to the basics can have a magical effect.

Hyakuten Inamoto started practicing Reiki with only level 1 attunement.

He did so for a prolonged period until one day when he wanted to progress and receive the initiation for the second degree.

Yet, his teacher deemed otherwise.

In fact, Hyakuten Inamoto tried to change his teacher’s mind several times but with very little success. Finally, at one point, due to the respect he carried, Hyakuten Inamoto gave up, listened to his advice, and continued practicing Reiki level 1 for more than 10 years.

The teacher observed his progress with each passing year and patiently waited for him to integrate the knowledge.

Then, one day, he approached Hyakuten Inamoto to explain that he postponed his second attunement to allow the universal energy to do its work.

If they were to rush the process, he would have never appreciated the value of what he had received initially.

One can only connect the dots looking backward.

When you look ahead, you tend to rush, and life seems without end.

But after a while, you understand that the years that have passed are just a blink of an eye, and taking the time to internalize whatever you choose to be good at has a compounding effect.

Hyakuten Inamoto eventually formed the Komyo ReikiDo system, which promotes the “surrender to the universal life force energy” as the central element of Reiki.

The moral of the story is…

That Reiki level 1 is no small feat.

Going deep rather than wide will surface insights otherwise overlooked.

Valuing each self-treatment and seeing your work with others as spiritual lessons will return profound wisdom that will only enrich your experience and make you a more efficient practitioner.

The Importance Of Reiki Level 1

We are all connected to the universal life force energy since birth.

Otherwise, we would not exist.

Still, throughout one’s life, this link weakens if not nurtured.

Reiki is an excellent way to keep the flame burning and even develop this relationship into one of great significance.

The Usui Reiki level 1 attunement connects you to a specific manifestation of the universal energy that enables you to channel it for physical/emotional cleansing.

This will gradually place all your layers into a state of healing, reinstate balance, and guide your entire system to function in your optimum rhythm.

The absence of Reiki symbols allows you to focus on an intimate healing process, incorporate the information, and learn more about yourself with few distractions.

The Main Components Of Reiki Level 1

The Hand Positions – it’s how you channel the universal life force energy to specific body areas and their corresponding energy centers or chakras.

Yet, this process goes even deeper.

By placing your palms in these positions, you begin to cleanse those areas by removing residual and negative energies.

This raises your vibration and puts your whole body into a state of healing.

It’s how you learn more about yourself by surfacing hidden issues.

It’s how you discover imbalances and make the necessary connections to improve at all levels.

The Attunement – is when your connection with the universal energy clears up, and you receive access to Reiki spirit guides.

These wise, divine entities will support you in the self-treatment and treatment of others. They can show you the best path in your life’s journey and guide you to making the right decisions for your greater good and everyone involved.

You can constantly grow this relationship by sending them divine light and invoking their presence in meditation. This alone can be an intriguing experience with many surprising benefits along the way.

The Reiki Principles – are the foundation and essence of what Reiki actually is from a divine and moral perspective. Therefore, each affirmation has a profound meaning, and we can bring our unique view of the message.

Recite the 5 Reiki principles daily to manifest their value into the physical plane. They act as mantras that can eventually rewire your thinking to break subconscious barriers and overcome “impossible” obstacles.

This is, once again, a process of self-discovery.

With each passing day, you’ll encounter new experiences and learn more about who you are.

These answers will reveal themselves at the right time.

Looking back from your current level of understanding will clarify your spiritual mission.

In turn, you’ll begin accessing new manifestations of the universal life force energy that are now in tune with your present vibration.

The Value Of Remembering Reiki Level 1

As you can see, Reiki level 1 comes with extensive spiritual knowledge you can use and improve for years on end.

This is an excellent starting point, an evergrowing lesson about yourself, and the base on which you can further develop your skills.

As a best practice, you should ideally master one level before advancing to a new stage.

Yet, I would argue that going back and forth is a better way of internalizing the information because you constantly look back from a higher level of understanding.

This doesn’t imply rushing nor staying still for too long.

I’m a firm believer that we all receive the answers we’re entitled to if we work towards improving ourselves and the world around us.

Therefore, I encourage you to recall the power of fundamentals and appreciate what you have received in the early stages through your present perspective.