What Are Spiritual Expressions And How They Can Help

All spiritual practices include prayers, mantras, incantations, or algorithms. Regardless of how they might look and feel, they serve a similar purpose.

But, to better understand their role and why you could consider them in your routine, let’s first see what each represents.

What Do Spiritual Expressions Represent

Generally speaking, they are clustered energy and information that can connect to certain types of manifestation of the universal life force energy.

Prayers – help you connect to an omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent creative energy. The link with this higher divine power results from asking for divine intervention or using the prayer as a symbolic offering.

Mantras – similar to prayers, mantras have a few key differences. While both help you connect to a higher divine power, mantras are often used in meditations as repetitive affirmations. Their role is to influence one’s consciousness in a more direct manner compared to praying.

Incantations – are based on summoning an entity, energy, and information from another realm of existence. Therefore, it’s usually part of a ritual of calling upon an element from the unseen world;

Algorithms – are similar to incantations but can also work as a daily motivation ritual. Algorithms have the power to rewire the brain and bypass the conscious with constant use. The message will eventually enter the subconscious, and therefore, it can potentially help you connect to the energies and manifestations you wish to bring into the physical plane.

While these definitions offer a bit of context, they don’t really explain the mechanism. I believe the ‘why’ behind doing spiritual work is crucial. Understanding what happens when you choose to do specific actions will have a more qualitative impact.

To fully manifest the energy of a prayer, mantra, incantation, or algorithm, you need to fulfill three criteria:

  1. The spiritual part of prayer/mantra/incantation/algorithm connects to a particular dimension where correspondent entities and different types of manifestation of the universal life force energy reside;
  2. Within this dimension, there are high or low vibrational energies. Depending on the type of prayer/mantra/incantation/algorithm, you will connect to one or another form of energy;
  3. Reciting the prayer/mantra/incantation/algorithm will bring that energy and information into the physical world. This will create a bridge between the spiritual, energetic, and physical realms allowing a full manifestation of that prayer;

What To Expect

Whenever you recite any of the above, you gradually begin aligning your physical, energetic, and spiritual structures to their specific universal energy level.

If this becomes a habit, you’ll integrate their energy and information within you. This will alter your cellular energy structure and vibration, changing your approach to life.

Yet, these effects are not limited to prayers and incantations. The same happens when you consume different types of media, entertainment, and even food or beverages.

Can You Use Reiki With Similar Results

Of course you can.

Mikao Usui‘s Reiki principles are some of the most straightforward mantras you can consider for your daily ritual.

Their simplicity is intentional.

If you recite them every day, the Reiki principles can become algorithms that can eventually help raise your overall vibration. This will bring many benefits to your life at all levels.

Even reciting the Reiki symbols to activate them prior to the self-treatment acts as an incantation that brings their energy into the physical world.

Is it better to say them out loud?

The effects are similar, but I found that pronouncing them can help bring their energy into the material plane quicker. This happens because of the added physical component – your voice.

Why Should You Consider Spiritual Expressions

Each thought, word, and action you might take functions on the same principle.

From the moment you wake up to the minute you fall asleep, apart from exterior influences, you create vibrational patterns. Obviously, you’re now aware that these can be highly beneficial or negatively impact your well-being.

Even the tiniest positive sentence can shift the nature of that vibration to your benefit. With regular exercise, you can bring the necessary resources needed to improve at all levels.

Having more patience, being more resilient to harmful situations, and using each day as a lesson, are just a few of the key components that add up to your spiritual growth.