The Surprising Power Of Mental Imagery

Have you ever wondered why so many spiritual practices call upon “visualization” to achieve the best positive outcomes?


Have you thought about why sometimes our minds create chaotic and stray thoughts which disrupt our thinking?

Well… these two questions are actually related, and surprisingly, they lead to the same answer.

That’s because…

Exposing yourself to certain visual stimuli and visualization methods will influence your mental, emotional, and energetic health.

“Eyes are like gateways to the soul.”

A harmonious connection between your mind and your emotional subtle bodies emerges whenever you see someone/something or visualize a particular situation.

Both your brain and heart react to this information. They work together to decipher those elements and translate them into an emotion you can relate to.

NOTE: The heart and the mind generate their own energetic field, which differs from the subtle bodies attributed to these organs. The subtle bodies are etheric correspondent elements of the physical organs.

But here is the “catch”…

The mind doesn’t create the emotion itself.

It rather sends an impulse to the emotional layer and the rest of the body dictating the type of feeling that should manifest according to your current vibration and resonance.

From an energetic perspective, each type of emotion resonates with a certain chakra and/or its back projections.

That’s why when you experience love or excitement, you feel “butterflies” in your stomach. When you’re angry and avoid expressing what you’re going through, you may feel pressure, even burning in your chest and throat areas.

Regardless of the type of feeling, the mind knows better. Therefore, the effect will be the same whether you see with your physical eyes or visualize a scenario.

It’s why the QUALITY of what you’re exposed to matters so much.

Just pay attention to your reactions and try to attribute them to the elements you might have experienced early on.

Maybe it’s only a thought, a memory that popped into your head that has triggered a certain emotion.

We all feel anger, disappointment, joy, or pride.

Some stick with us… usually the harmful ones.

And… it will affect your emotional layer if you ignore it long enough or feed it with attention every time it says hello.

With time it can lead to anxiety, fear, and even depression.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true.

Suppose you constantly expose yourself to pleasant situations and visualize elements that bring you joy. In that case, you’ll re-calibrate your energetic structure to a higher vibration and place your entire body in a state of healing.

That’s why so many beneficial spiritual practices include visualization of natural elements such as water, light, trees, and earth.

Some meditations imply working with divine beings like angels or archangels. Others determine you to visualize how the universal life force energy flow cleanses your chakras or energy fields.

These efforts push away harmful influences and make room for positive values to fill your mind, heart, and body, eventually manifesting in the physical plane.

Why Use Reiki As An Energetic Filter

Generally speaking, constantly practicing the Reiki self-treatment will level up the vibration of your brain, emotional body, and inner self.

This will create a protective layer allowing less negativity to reach your mental and emotional bodies.

But there’s more…

Consider those situations you cannot avoid or deliberately choose to expose yourself to for one reason or another.

Here’s how Reiki can help:

  • Place a large Cho Ku Rei between you and the situation to filter most of the negative emanated energies;
  • Add a Sei He Ki to harmonize yourself with the information. Still, be aware that this might influence your perception and objectivity;
  • Again, this will work just as well whether you’re watching TV, you’re out with family and friends, or practicing visualization;

Your mental, emotional, and physical health is your most important asset. It provides the energy and confidence to enjoy each day and find utility in every situation.

Everything emerges in the spiritual plane.

And, even if it might seem out of your control at first, fortunately, you can learn to nurture your energetic system by practicing Reiki, meditating, and surrounding yourself with positive influences.

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