The Healing Touch Of Sei He Ki

The practice of Reiki is centered around the attunement and channeling of universal life force energy, which empowers individuals to achieve healing and heightened consciousness.

While the pure state of Reiki can be incredibly effective on its own, there are also tools within the practice that can enhance and expedite the healing process.

These tools range from symbols to cleansing methods and serve as energetic adjuvants or instruments that aid us on our spiritual journey.

Once you’re ready to deepen your connection with the life force energy and aim for more specific and targeted results, they’ll become great additions to your practice.

The Power Is In Your Hands

Each Reiki symbol is unique and manifests a certain vibration.

While you may gain access to some of them as you progress in your Reiki journey, this doesn’t make them more powerful.

They are simply tools that you can use according to your current state of awareness and knowledge.

Their value is given by your ability to understand their role and explore their full potential.

Therefore, you’re the engine that enables spiritual concepts to manifest in the physical plane.

Balance Your Mental & Emotional Bodies With The Sei He Ki Reiki Symbol

Sei He Ki is the second Reiki symbol in the Usui Reiki system that you can use for:

  • Mental and emotional healing;
  • Bringing harmony to a place or situation;
  • Opening an energetic structure to help release stagnant negative energies;

One thing to note is that Reiki symbols are not limited to their most common uses.

The beauty of Reiki, in general, is that practitioners have the opportunity to explore spiritual practices in their own way.

I encourage everybody to meditate on symbols or sacred geometry whenever possible instead of rushing through as many spiritual concepts as possible.

This is how we evolve and benefit from new and exciting discoveries.

That being said…

Let’s see when to consider using Sei He Ki:

Mental And Emotional Healing

Activate your palms and chakras with Sei He Ki to enhance the healing effect at the mental and emotional levels.

With regular self-treatments you will begin to disintegrate the negative and residual energies attributed to harmful feelings.

These can include but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, fear, jealousy, and even addictions.

One important aspect you don’t want to overlook is that Sei He Ki helps the soul regenerate. In this case, you can add the rest of the Reiki symbols for a more complete experience.

Sei He Ki’s vibration will refresh your mental awareness and raise your vibration, repelling future negative influences at this level.

It’s why it also works well in situations with a lot of tension. Simply activate it above that area or group of people with the intention of reinstating balance and harmony.

IMPORTANT: Channel the energy for the greater good of the situation, NOT the people involved. Everybody is free to make their own choices, and however that might look to you, you’re not entitled to interfere without their consent.

At The Physical Level

Sei He Ki can help remove the residual negative energies accumulated in a certain body area. If you’re in pain of any sort, consider using Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki to create a layer of pure energy to restore balance and support healing.

At The Energetic Level

Activate Sei He Ki on your primary chakras to boost the universal life force energy flow.

When activated on the Soul Star Chakra, this symbol can facilitate your connection with your higher self, providing access to spiritual guidance and stimulating your intuition.

Sei He Ki In Therapy

You can activate the symbol between you and the patient to create an emotional transfer. Of course, know that you will absorb whatever that person feels, and, therefore, you’ll have to cleanse yourself after.

The effectiveness of this method is greatly influenced by the patient’s willingness to open up. Therefore, you can add Cho Ku Rei to create a barrier of light to filter most residual and negative energies.

Cleansing Your Aura

Activate a large, body-sized Sei He Ki in front of you.

Enter the energy of the symbol as if you would through an opened door.

Then, visualize as the symbol’s energy starts cleansing your aura (subtle bodies) from harmful thoughts and unwanted projections.

Consider experimenting with other Reiki symbols because each one will bring a unique manifestation of the universal life force energy. This is when it’s useful to know what each Reiki symbol does (as we explain in ‘The Ultimate Reiki Symbols Guide’) so you can customize your healing session and enrich your experience.

Remember That…

You’re the one who empowers Reiki symbols to manifest. By creating a pure connection with the divine light, you gradually learn how to bring specific manifestations into the physical plane.

That’s why everything starts in the spiritual realm and why Reiki is such a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth rather than a simple healing modality.