Which Reiki Symbol Is The Best

Reiki symbols seem to be the center of our practice in many ways. While they are very useful instruments, symbols are just a part of the overall process.

Still, nobody can deny their popularity. They create debates as well as admiration and are present in most conversations.

Students are fascinated by their mysteries and constantly seek their wisdom.

And you can’t blame them.

Reiki symbols hold magical stories and somehow make the bridge between us, humans, and the divine presence much easier to cross.

I find curiosity to be constructive in many regards.

I had similar questions as a young Reiki enthusiast because I wanted to learn all about the craft, what methods to use, and which symbols are the best.

Yet, at that point, there was one essential concept I failed to understand.

Being lost in that pile of information made me overlook what mattered and focus on my immediate needs.

And it’s not wrong. It’s something we all experience when first starting out. It’s part of one’s development. The sky only clears with time and wisdom when the patience you’ve practiced shows its worth.

My takeaway was:

The universal life force energy is one structure with infinite levels of manifestation in different dimensions. Reiki can help you bring some of these manifestations into the physical plane, and one of the ways to do it is through Reiki symbols.


I learned that there isn’t one Reiki symbol better than the other. There’s no “good” or “bad” in this conversation.

They simply have different vibrations and act as keys to various energy levels belonging to the higher planes.

This allows us to enhance our practice and focus the universal life force energy on specific issues to find balance and support our spiritual growth.

It’s one of the reasons why, as practitioners, we receive access to them gradually. This exploration time provides us with a better understanding of Reiki and, hopefully, what we are healing in the process.

Then, Reiki symbols slowly start filling the gaps and will bring the practice to the optimal level if we don’t rush.

“Reiki symbols are the jewels of Reiki but not the practice itself.”

Once you grasp this concept and accept it, you can safely experiment with different vibrations and uses.

I say “safely” because you now have the maturity to enjoy the process instead of chasing results.

Powerful Reiki Symbols

To offer a practical side to this story, let’s cover some of the most “powerful” Reiki symbols. Once again, these are not better than others. They simply have a higher vibration and serve specific purposes.

Traditional Dai Ko Myo – this is the master level symbol in the Usui Reiki system. Although you can use it in daily self-treatment, this symbol represents some of the purest aspects of the life force energy. As a general translation, Dai Ko Myo means “big bright light” – because it opens up the gateway towards pure divine light and wisdom. In turn, its energy helps stimulate our spiritual potential, prosperity, and thirst for growth on all levels.

Dumo (Tibetan Dai Ko Myo) – is an essential component of the attunement process. You receive access to this symbol in the Usui and Karuna systems at the master/teacher level. Whether you activate it on your crown chakra, in self-treatment, or in the center of a room, the Dumo Reiki symbol helps remove energetic blockages and raises the vibration of an area.

OM (AUM) – is the master symbol in Karuna Reiki. It represents the echo of the Universe and the unaltered vibration of the divine spirit. OM (Aum) provides you with the potential to reach new consciousness levels while increasing your overall vibration.

Merkaba Star – is present at the Shamballa Reiki master/teacher level and in many other spiritual practices. It has three main attributes:

  • Cleanses your energy structures;
  • Activates your chakras – especially the superior ones;
  • Removes mental blockages that keep you from reaching your spiritual potential;

Harth – although it doesn’t belong to the master/teacher level, Harth has one of the most potent vibrations of all Reiki symbols. It allows you to connect to the divine feminine energy and opens the crown and heart chakras. It also has the ability to deeply cleanse a room/space from unwanted energies and entities. Therefore, some teachers say it may belong to the highest vibrational manifestation of the universal life force energy.

Antahkarana – whether a Yin or Yang version, the Antahkarana can transform negative energies into positive ones. Moreover, it can repel malevolent intentions and even entities. Antahkarana is an ancient symbol with substantial cleansing and activation abilities. You can enjoy its benefits by placing it in a room or meditating on it during self-treatment.


In very simplistic ways, the above enumeration answers the question:

“Which are the most powerful Reiki symbols?”

To my knowledge, they hold the highest vibration, even though I’m sure many others are yet to be discovered.

One of the most exciting aspects about them is their unique type of energy that’s independent of any Reiki system.

Due to their stand-alone status, you can incorporate them into your practice without additional support.

While they provide relatively straightforward uses, they are far from revealing their mystery and wonder.

Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to explore them and deepen your relationship with the one you resonate with the most. This is how you’ll discover attributes that are not obvious at first sight.