100 Years of Reiki – A Trip To Japan

As we step into a new century of Reiki, it is only fitting to celebrate this era of spiritual enlightenment with the recognition it deserves.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in this beautiful historical moment by attending the 100 Years of Reiki conference in Osaka, Japan.

After 20+ hours of flying, waiting in queues, and walking around airports, I finally arrived at my destination on April 4th.

The conference was set to start on April 7th, and therefore, I had enough time to shake off the jet lag and enjoy Osaka’s unique sites.

While there were numerous noteworthy details to recount, I will focus on the most significant ones.

The Conference

The event was held at a World Heritage building, meticulously arranged for our arrival.

It was no surprise to encounter esteemed and familiar faces within the Reiki community as I gradually adjusted to the atmosphere.

Among them, I’ve met:

  • Hyakuten Inamoto – the founder of Komyo Reiki Do;
  • Hiroshi Doi – the founder of the Gendai Reiki Association;
  • William Lee Rand – founder of Reiki.org and the Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki systems;
  • Olaf Bohm – Reiki scholar who presented ancient and rare documents of how organized and influential Reiki was in Japan in the 20th Century;

We were not allowed to film or take pictures, a request that all of the 350+ attendees respected thoroughly.

That’s why I’ll do my best to illustrate part of my experience in words and share with you the insights that I believe matter.

The Highlights

The 3 elements that stood out throughout the conference are:

The essence of Reiki – Hiroshi Doi Sensei – talked about the importance of self-treatment.

Even if he’s not a fan of modern methods, he’s open to novel ideas as long as they serve the greater good of humanity.

Hiroshi Doi Sensei finished his keynote by highlighting the legacy Mikao Usui and Ms. Hawayo Takata left. He took the time to remind us of the unique gift we enjoy today and advised us to occasionally look back on how the practice was performed initially.

Getting back to basics is often a way to find clarity, reassess, and progress confidently.

Reiki in hospitals – is another interesting topic that seems to be gaining more traction. In US and Japan, Reiki professionals work hard to implement energy healing practices in care centers.

In fact, the topic truly deserves more attention, and that’s why I’ve decided to expand on it in next week’s newsletter.

High-vibrational beings in Reiki – one of the most unforgettable moments of the conference was when Reiki Master/Teacher William Lee Rand took the stage. He delivered a brief but powerful speech that left the audience in awe.

William Lee Rand and Vlad Dimancea ReikiScoop at the 100 Years of Reiki Conference in Osaka, Japan

Rand’s expertise in Reiki was undeniable, and his message was clear: by connecting with our Reiki spirit guides, angels, and archangels, we can significantly enhance the quality of our Reiki practice.

He even explained that blending traditional Usui Reiki values with a Western approach could be advantageous, especially during tumultuous times.

The outcomes of such practices can be remarkable.

Yet, this comes with a caveat: we all require guidance.

Humanity functions best when working together towards a common goal, and Rand’s words echoed that sentiment.

His speech was a highlight of the conference, resonating with me deeply. I can confidently say that it was worth traveling nearly 6000 miles to hear him speak.

What I’ve Learned

It goes without saying that the conference offered me the opportunity to connect with practitioners of various backgrounds.

I’ve interacted with unique opinions and surprising perspectives.

However, one common pattern emerged from all these talks:

The best practice is your own practice!

It doesn’t matter if you favor traditional methods or prefer blending other elements with Reiki.

As long as you have a positive intention and work to raise your vibration for your greater good and those involved…

The world will provide you with limitless opportunities.

In other words…

By bringing your unique expertise into the world, you can slowly but surely contribute to this collective consciousness and subconsciousness of spiritually oriented people.

In the end… this is what truly matters because it’s the essence of what can instrument significant changes.

There’s no manual or guidelines to follow.

There’s only the feeling of wholeness and satisfaction that you can be a part of.

Things will come together with practice, and all the pieces will fall into place once we put things in motion.

NOTE: This realization was also enforced when climbing Mount Kurama alongside other Reiki practitioners. (more on this in the following newsletter)

The Takeaway

There is great power in coming together with a shared purpose.

When dozens or even hundreds of individuals gather for a common cause, the idea they collectively hold is propelled into the spiritual realm, increasing the likelihood of its manifestation.

This is where the concept of “egregore” comes in.

Based on the idea of collective consciousness and unconsciousness, these elements hold immense potential, dictating our future decisions and actions.

By recognizing the potency of our coordinated intentions, we can tap into an incredible force that can shape our reality and create a better future for us all.

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