Reiki Self-Treatment Through Visualization

Self-treatment is the core of Reiki. By practicing it, you can tap into Reiki’s huge potential, which includes the healing effects channeled through the universal life force energy.

With time, practitioners have brought to the surface several variations, such as:

  • Fast self-treatment – when you place your hands on two chakras at the same time, ending in the heart area;
  • Before bed-time – when you use only the crown chakra position to guide the energy throughout the body before falling asleep;
  • Self-treatment through visualization – when you visualize the energy flowing from the top of your head, throughout your body all the way to your feet;

Probably … there are many more.

Still, none of them replace the classic, full Reiki self-treatment, but they are very helpful when you don’t have much time. They still provide the minimum energy boost and healing one needs throughout the day.

With that said, there is another, less-known method that uses visualization and acts as a full Reiki self-treatment.

Reiki Through Visualization

I always talk about the energetic anatomy of the human body in my articles and newsletters.

To raise our energetic vibration and reach our spiritual goals, I believe we must first understand the way our bodies work.

Our organs, tissue, and bone structure have an energy print “attached” to them.

Therefore, our hands and palms have a corresponding energy print as well.

This means that when you are practicing self-treatment, the light actually flows through your energetic hands before reaching the physical body.

Additionally, through visualization, you can use your energetic hands to cover the standard Reiki hand positions to reach the same effect as if you would place the physical ones.

It all comes down to having a clear intention.

Keep in mind that our physical body responds to the actions that take place in the energetic plane of existence and not the other way around.

In other words, you can stand still and use only your energetic hands to practice self-treatment without compromising the beneficial effects.

As an example:

While I’m writing this letter, I can visualize my energetic hands on the chest, cleansing the heart chakra and organs within that area.

​• • •

This method can prove to be quite helpful in situations when you’re unable to manifest the self-treatment’s full potential.

Yet, if the environment allows it, adding the physical element will certainly provide a complete experience.

NOTE: The need to use our physical hands is embedded within us because we tend to develop the brain’s rational part. We seek visual “confirmation” to feel that what we are doing is complete. This is normal as we are tributary to the physical laws. But it does help to know that the surrounding energy can help regardless of our physical involvement.