Mind Your Spiritual Vibration

I’ve always been fascinated by our potential to connect and live within a higher frequency.

When I first learned about this possibility, I imagined it was quite challenging, not to mention doing it every day.

But my love for these concepts stimulated my curiosity and motivated me to dig further. I really wanted to understand the meaning of spiritual vibration, and it took me some time to get there.

So … it’s ok if you don’t comprehend everything at once.

What’s important is to become aware of its existence and consider it in your practice.

What Is Spiritual Vibration

The general definition is quite simple: any kind of non-physical or physical being or object with molecular activity has its own frequency. This determines the spiritual and health state of that object or being.

Considering we’re all sentient beings, we can change this frequency through our actions.

Keep in mind that there is no right vibration level. Whether that’s high or low, it’s usually influenced by our lifestyle.

A soldier, for example, has a different vibration level than a monk. This doesn’t make the soldier evil nor the monk a saint.

There are many other variables involved.

Still, a higher vibration level generally benefits our well-being on all levels.

The Benefits Of Raising With Your Spiritual Vibration

Your daily activity is not the only modifier. You can choose to use various spiritual practices to consciously raise your vibration level.


Because a higher vibration leads to positive effects at the physical, mental, and emotional levels. These will have an echo in the spiritual world.

On a physical level – we address our immune system, help with tissue regeneration, and impact our overall health.

On a mental and emotional level – we can fight stress, anxiety, and even depression. High vibration can help us find the root of our emotional imbalances and even heal them in our own optimum rhythm. Our energetic system will strengthen while residual and negative energies won’t affect us as much.

On a spiritual level – we ease the connection with the universal life force energy. By growing our awareness, we develop new, higher levels of consciousness.

All these three steps interact with each other within a system. Work on all to improve each individually. Eventually, they become a support for our spiritual growth.

How To Work With Your Spiritual Vibration

There are many ways to do this.

Even small, apparently insignificant actions can have a positive impact. Meditating, playing high-vibrational music, or lighting candles can contribute to this process.

The next step is to dedicate some time to spiritual practices.

​Reiki is one of the best avenues you can choose. It will help cleanse and activate your chakras, energetic fields, and channels.

Compared to the methods previously mentioned, this is a more in-depth, accelerated way to achieve better results.

The key element that can make this whole process smoother is your perception of people and the world.

Once you gain a solid level of understanding, peace, and forgiveness towards yourself and others, your vibration will change as well.

It took me a while to see it. But once I did, everything came together because I discovered the root of actual change.

It’s easy to describe it yet harder to put into practice.

Years of study taught me that there are three levels at which vibration can be changed. These are the daily, general, and inner self.

The best way to find the right balance for you is to experience different vibration levels through practice.

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