Working With The Sphere Of Light

Everything in the universe is evolving.

Life on Earth is a result of this evolution.

All living beings adapt their daily routine to better overcome unexpected obstacles or improve their way of living.

The same applies to our medical, scientific, and technological advancements.


Why wouldn’t this be the same for the spiritual world?

Initially, Reiki consisted of only a few basic elements. With time and practice, more were added to the mix. Even old masters like Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata influenced this craft with their own approach.

Therefore, practitioners became more and more interested in exploring new ways of using Reiki.

Some don’t fully approve of this approach.

But think about how Reiki came to be. It was defined and introduced to our world by Mikao Usui. Yet, the concept of using the universal energy to heal dates back millennia.


It’s only fair to assume that even the first forms of Reiki were part of our evolution. As long as we don’t harm anyone and our intentions are pure, why not try to evolve?

It’s the only way to discover ourselves and the world around us.

It’s how the medical field moved from rudimentary procedures to relying on advanced technologies that help us live better, longer lives.

I believe that our physical world is improving due to spiritual evolution.

Still, it all comes down to how involved we choose to be and how much effort we are willing to dedicate to reach higher spiritual levels.

So … don’t be afraid to try out new things.

Experiment, and let your intuition guide you.

There is a world of possibilities outside traditional techniques. Once you’re ready, you can “design” Reiki methods to enhance your practice to work in the best way for you.

Today, I want to introduce you to one of these methods…

It’s called:

The Sphere of Light

You can use it to enhance your self-treatment through intention, visualization, and intuition.

Keep in mind that self-treatment is the foundation for everything that you do in Reiki. It’s how you recalibrate yourself and reinstate your balance. It’s where your evolution begins.

The “Sphere of Light” comes as an extra layer, but you can also use it as a stand-alone method when you don’t have enough time for full self-treatment.

The Benefits Of Using The Sphere Of Light

  • It takes less time to perform, but it’s still very effective in cleansing you from residual and negative energies;
  • You can use it to cleanse your chakras and energy fields as well as any part of your body;
  • It can boost vital energy, helping you feel more in tune with your inner self. You only have to create it once and then just reconstruct it each time you need it. It’s like you’re attuned to it;
  • You can also use it on others if you have their consent;

The only downside is that it will diminish and dissolve into the light after some time. This depends on each practitioner’s ability to channel the universal energy.

But, as mentioned, you can recreate it fairly easily when you are in need.

How To Create A Sphere Of Light

For Reiki Level One – visualize a bright, white sphere between your palms. Sent light to it for ~10min. Have the intention to grow brighter and more powerful with each passing minute.

For Reiki Level Two Or Higher – use the same process and add the Reiki symbols you have access to in the center of the sphere.

Call upon all the beneficial and healing energies you can connect to fill this sphere. Use your intention to send this sphere to any part of your body and let it cleanse and regenerate your energetic structures.

I prefer placing it above my head at first. I then guide it slowly down my body, letting it cleanse everything in its path until it reaches the ground.

My advice is to allow your intuition to guide you. The best thing about Reiki is its flexibility. So take advantage of this feature and get to know yourself by exploring Reiki as it makes sense for you.

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