The Concept Of Orgone Energy

There are many ways to enhance the universal life force energy flow.

This can bring more harmony, peace, and well-being into your life and the lives of those around you.

The regular practice of Reiki, a healthy diet, and an overall balanced lifestyle are just a few examples.

While these are the methods you might hear about most often, there are others, less debated upon, which can also have an impact.

One of them is the use of positive orgone energy.

What Is Orgone Energy

Initially developed in the early 1900s by Wilhelm Reich, the concept of the orgone accumulator was revolutionary within the esoteric community.

Wilhelm Reich built a chamber with multiple coppers, wood, crystals, and fiberglass layers.

This supposedly enabled the person sitting inside to better channel their vital energy so that they could become aware and in tune with their spiritual potential.

Also, this should have become a method of connecting and cultivating inner sexual energy.

Another benefit of being present in this chamber was the allegedly healing from terminal illnesses.

Of course, there were countless debates and controversies surrounding Reich and his findings.

Actually, these experiments were met with great hostility. They were eventually destroyed even though they brought no harm to anybody.

In fact, some patients benefited from improvements in their spiritual and social lives.

The Benefits Of Orgone Energy

I believe that Reich’s intentions and projects were quite useful for the emotional healing and spiritual evolution of the people from that time.

The following decades brought about a lot of development in this area, and many related projects were created.

Orgone energy instruments can “turn the tide” when it comes to negative projections, residual energies, and low-vibrational influences.

Specifically, positive orgone energy can cleanse and raise the vibration of those elements.

It’s like throwing muddy water into a river. The stream will eventually clear the water and make it pure again.


Orgone energy instruments are some of the best raw catalysts that enable you to manifest the universal life force energy.

They usually involve the use of cleansed and activated crystals alongside copper and fiberglass.

Among the many versions of these instruments, there are:

  • Fiberglass pyramids that hold small bits of crystals and copper symbols like the Flower of Life or the Merkaba Star;
  • Baguette-shaped crystals wrapped in a copper wire;
  • Copper symbols inspired from the Sacred Geometry that may or may not include crystals;

And the list goes on…

Because of these high-vibrational elements, the structure of an orgone instrument amplifies the positive frequency and creates a large beneficial field around it.

These instruments can transform or dissolve negative projections and energies depending on their shape and structure.

Their size, quality, and the number of crystals they hold, also matter in their ability to block radiation waves from electronic devices and medical equipment.

Most orgone instruments include crystals because they are excellent physical conductors of the universal life force energy.

Still, they can be influenced by exterior energies, so it’s your responsibility to cleanse and activate them regularly. – You can do so with Reiki, incense, or high-vibrational music.

The use of orgone instruments is not limited to the previously mentioned purposes. You can get creative and experiment with them in different ways.

For example, you can:

And so on.

Final Thought

It’s important to note that orgone instruments won’t do the work for you. They are merely tools that can help you connect with higher vibrational energies and frequencies.

The more you work with them, the more attuned you’ll become to their energies.

If you’re looking to improve your spiritual practice or emotional well-being, orgone energy instruments may be a good addition to your toolkit.

Just remember to cleanse and activate them regularly and experiment with different ways of using them.

With time, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of how they work and what benefits they bring into your life.