Creating A New Age Concept With Ancient Origins

While “creating a sacred space” may sound like a New Age concept, the idea has existed for centuries.

Whether constructing an altar in your home or fostering harmony throughout your household, the process of creating a sacred space can be simple yet carry profound significance, depending on your intentions for that dedicated area.

The basic meaning of having a sacred space is establishing a relaxed, purified, and harmonious environment for yourself and those you share it with.

Taking it one step further, it’s about understanding how it should look and feel in order for you to align its energy with your needs and resonance.

Though our focus will primarily be on the latter notion, it’s worth noting that there are various types of sacred spaces, each serving a distinct purpose.

For example:

A home can be a sacred space and, within it, every room can possess its own specific sacredness.

Another example involves creating a small altar in a part of your house that holds personal significance, imbuing it with religious and spiritual meaning.

Similarly, an office or workplace can be transformed into a sacred space that serves a different purpose than your home’s holy area.

The Purpose of a Sacred Space

In general, a sacred space is associated with energetic purity, elevated vibrations, and a serene ambiance.

Consequently, one of its primary objectives is cultivating harmony and peace of mind.

It may also incorporate elements that honor your religious beliefs.

Additionally, it provides an ideal setting for meditation, prayers, mantras, Reiki, or other spiritually beneficial practices.

Furthermore, an unconventional idea is to create a sacred space to cleanse the energetic structures of those who enter, including yourself.

Conversely, some individuals establish a sacred space purely to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere without any specific intentions.

5 Ideas On How To Create A Sacred Space

Whether your goal is meditation, a more fulfilling work experience, or simply relaxation, creating your sacred space is a personal endeavor. While there are general elements to consider, you have the ultimate say in defining its essence.

With that in mind, here are some ideas that might inspire you:

1 – Incense such as Palo Santo, frankincense, myrrh, sage, or Tibetan incense sticks can help cleanse the room of lingering energies and negative entities. Burning incense not only brings relaxation and harmony to the mind but also elevates the vibrancy of the space. I suggest burning incense sticks or frankincense at least once a week, allowing their fragrant essence to permeate your home.

2 – Incorporating high-vibrational tunes like Tibetan mantras, Gregorian chants, and music featuring divine solfeggio frequencies can raise the vibrational energy of the space while clearing away negativity. Seek out 432, 528, 741, 852, 963, and 1111 Hz frequencies and let them fill the room for as long as possible.

3 – Print and display sacred or religious symbols to ward off malevolent influences and significantly elevate the room’s vibrations. Examples include different versions of Antahkarana, such as the Antahkarana cross or the Yin and Yang variations. Symbols from Usui Reiki, like Sei He Ki and Dai Ko Myo, possess strong vibrations and manifest universal energy. The OM symbol and the Christian Cross also hold powerful representations of divine light.

4 – Utilize high-quality crystals such as amethyst, citrine, and clear quartz as physical conduits for the universal life force energy flow. Dark-colored crystals such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz, or black onyx are ideal for absorbing the residual and negative energies from both your energy fields and the entire room. Be sure to cleanse them with Reiki by keeping them in your hands or sending them energy every week for about 10 minutes. To preserve their energy unaltered, it’s best that others won’t touch them.

5 – Invite the energy of Reiki and the divine entities that are capable of cleansing and protecting your sacred space by using a daily invocation or prayers of choice. This will help keep a highly vibrational and harmonious environment that will benefit anybody present.

By recognizing the influential role of your sacred space in shaping the energetic atmosphere of your surroundings and being mindful of the elements you integrate, you have the power to enhance and amplify its vibration.

This, in turn, facilitates a smooth flow of universal life force energy throughout the space.

Remember, the configuration and size of your sacred space are entirely up to you, allowing you the freedom to tailor it to your preferences and intentions.

Take the practical steps necessary to create a sacred space that resonates with your soul, empowering you to cultivate harmony, tranquility, and a heightened spiritual connection within your chosen environment.